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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Bill Seeks To Ban Foreign Media

The Press Ministry is pushing for legislation that would outlaw foreign-owned media in Russia.

Defining Spying Is Murky Business

Foreigners doing business here have good reason to wonder what counts as spying in Russia today.

Referendum Should Be Welcomed

In opposing a referendum on importing spent nuclear fuel the state shows its contempt for public opinion.

Central Bank: Just a Tool for Stealing

Central banks were originally created to steal money, not to carry out any monetary or credit policy.

Timeless Memories of Youth and Simple Love

Grisha lived his own solitary life, which didn't interest me at all. He treated me like a father would.

Photo House Celebrates 4th Year

Four years ago when Olga Sviblova founded the Moscow House of Photography and organized the Photobiennale-96 the local art crowd dismissed her idea as crazy.

Baikonur Halts Work to Mourn '60s Blasts

The Baikonur Cosmodrome suspended all work on Tuesday, observing a day of mourning for the victims of two Soviet-era launch pad explosions that killed about 100 people.

Chechen Refugees Facing Winter Blues

Nozhayev Khovash and his family are envied for their straw-and-clay hut in the Soglasiye refugees camp. But even if the hut is a source of pride, it's also a sign of despair.

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