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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

SEGODNYA (26/1/2000)

The Union of Right Forces, as from Tuesday, is no longer in the State Duma 'minority' camp - its leader Sergei Kiriyenko persuaded Vladimir Putin to play the role of a 'peace-maker' and to return his faction to the State Duma session hall. Putin successfully fulfilled his mission. In an short interview, Kiriyenko speaks about his attitude to the coordinating council with Yabloko and with Fatherland-All Russia. Also covered in Kommersant Daily and Vremya MN.

The newly-elected CIS head, Vladimir Putin, intends to use CIS for resolving his internal policy problems. A major result of the CIS summit Tuesday was agreement on working out an international anti-terrorist program and on creating a single anti-terrorist center. The story comments on the summit results. Also mentioned in Kommersant Daily and Vremya MN.

NASA and the U.S. Agency of International Development decided to freeze the $1.6 million grants designed for several Russian organizations. This sanction, the story notes, has nothing to do with the current developments in Chechnya. What has caused the American side's indignation is the Russian "Biopreparat" association, which is allegedly involved in working out biological weapons, spending the money of American sponsors on the project. Biopreparat Director Yury Kalinin stated his views on the Americans' claims.

In an interview Justice Minister Yury Chaika shares his views on the current parliamentary crisis and on several urgent draft bills.

The story reports on how the federals and Chechen separatists are fighting in the on-line Internet information system.

The EU Council of Foreign Ministers has officially recommended the European Commission that it suspend several projects in Russia estimated at $90 million - above all the TASIS education program. These funds will be either temporarily frozen or sent to Chechen refugees.

Central Bank boss Viktor Gerashchenko at the session of CIS central banks heads Tuesday promised that the ruble rate will increase by the end of January, saying that there won't be any upheavals on the domestic hard currency market until the presidential elections on March 26. The story comments on his statement.

The story reports on how Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev late in December lived through several unpleasant moments as a result of an accident with the Tu-154 plane in the Pristina airport.

No one has expected a criminal case of Belarussian businessman Andrei Klimov to have international repercussions, as a result of which acting President Vladimir Putin may be summoned to the Minsk court as a witness. The story details the case. Also mentioned in Kommersant Daily.

State Duma deputy Gennady Luzin, 63, Director of the North Economic Problems Institute of the Kola Research Center, died Tuesday in a road accident on the Murmansk-St. Petersburg highway. The story gives details.

Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad on Tuesday came out against the Education Ministry's plans to introduce a new subject valeology (science of human health) in schools. The story reveals his viewpoint.

Vasily Bochinsky, 40, Director General of "Turbostroikomplekt", was killed Monday evening near his house in Petrovsk-Razumovsky proyezd. The story describes how it happened. Also covered in Moskovsky Komsomolets.

An opinion poll was conducted recently among experts to see how quickly the electorate's preferences change and hence, the ratings of politicians. The respondents, who were asked to evaluate five politicians, had to answer the following question: To what extent are the electorate's choices linked to politicians' personal qualities? The story gives interesting results.

Political analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky, commenting on Putin's views on reforms and his wish to continue them, asks: What category of the population does he intend to rely on if he really dreams about them ?

Deputies representing the factions of the Union of Right Forces, Fatherland-All Russia and Yabloko, despite boycotting the State Duma, stated a need to introduce amendments to the Budget-2000. In an interview, Boris Nemtsov, co-leader of the Union of Right Forces, shares his viewpoint on the issue.

First Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin stated yesterday that the government will help regions pay out wages arrears to budget workers. With this aim in view, the government has allocated 4.5 billion rubles.

State Customs Committee head Mikhail Vanin stated Tuesday that Russia's "profit" from foreign trade last year amounted to $40 billion, which is twice as much as in 1998. Russia's increase in the trade balance occupies fourth place in the world after Japan, Germany and Italy. Vanin commented on Russia's achievements.

The Interior Ministry's investigation committee Tuesday sent a note to acting Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov asking him to prolong former Justice Minister Valentin Kovalyov's stay in jail. The story reveals Kovalyov's case.


The European Council on Tuesday decided to freeze a considerable part of its technical aid to Russia due to its military actions in Chechnya. The story comments on the decision.

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and Siberian Aluminum head Oleg Deripaski have completed negotiations on building in Ukraine an aluminum factory. The sides also discussed the fate of the Nikolayevsk alumina factory, which was also the focus of Unified Energy Systems head Anatoly Chubais's talks with Kuchma during his recent visit to Kiev. The story examines the results.

The government hopes that it will be able to coordinate its new memorandum with the International Monetary Fund mission that has arrived in Moscow. Will Russia receive a long-awaited credit before March 26?

Volgopromgaz, which is closely connected with Samara Governor Konstantin Titov, has found itself in the center of a scandal - the company has failed to pay its $4 million debt. The story describes its 'sins.'

Central Election Commission head Alexander Veshnyakov on Tuesday said it's hardly possible to hold presidential elections in one round.

The story offers a chart featuring the new makeup and composition of the Moscow city government.

The State Duma, or lower house of parliament, should urgently pass amendments to several laws to honor the International Monetary Fund's demands.

Rosvooruzheniye on Monday signed a contract in Athens on delivering to Greece two Zubr hydrofoils for $101 million. Ukraine has sold another two Zubrs to Greek sailors for $100 million. This is the first time Moscow and Kiev has divided an export contract.

Rossiisky Kredit private depositors Tuesday picketed the building of the Agency for Restructuring Credit Organizations. In an interview, its deputy director, Valery Miroshnikov, comments on the situation.

The conflict over the Novokuznetsk Aluminum Factory between its owner, MIKOM, and the Kemerovo region administration has entered its concluding stage. The regional arbitration court has frozen its bank accounts and appointed a temporary manager. The story describes the current situation at the factory.

According to The Financial Times rating of international business schools, Harvard Business School is the best in the world.

The Plesetsk Cosmodrome command in Arkhangelsk region stated that commercial structures will get the right to collect scrap metal in zones where old rocket parts rest. The story describes the recent tender conducted by the cosmodrome.

The Moscow Wimm Bill Dann company announced that in early spring it will launch a program of export deliveries to the European market. The story features the company's plans.

AvtoVAZ's daughter enterprise - the production of the Bronto car - has begun to assemble armoured cars. The story describes the project.

Ukraine has proposed exchanging its securities for three- to seven-year-old eurobonds. Only the National Reserve Bank has agreed on the proposal .

The Chelyabinsk macaroni factory Makfa decided to borrow money from the population. With this aim in view, it intends in early February to issue a 15 million ruble bond loan. The story describes its plans.