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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


Living Standards Low

In Russia, we don't live any worse than they do in Mexico.

This, the real standard of living in Russia, has just been defined by the State Statistics Committee. ... The agency conducts the survey every three years.

It turns out that Luxembourg boasts the highest standard of living, overtaking even the spending power of the United States, which came in second. ...

Russia, like last time, fell in the group of nations enjoying a low standard of living. Our unenviable position is shared by Poland, Mexico, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey and the Baltic states.

But take heart: Albania, Ukraine and Moldova did even worse.

Moskovsky Komsomolets, Sept. 9

Police Seize Guns

A run-of-the-mill domestic squabble helped police locate a secret stash of unregistered guns.

As it was told to Vechernaya Moskva newspaper at the police station, officers were contacted by a 47-year-old Moscow woman complaining that her roommate - a man from Astrakhan - was making her uneasy. The emotional man was threatening her with a pistol and she was afraid he would one day put it to use. After a short search, the police managed to locate the man's stash of guns. He had them hidden in an electric stove. From the stove, the police removed a German-made 9 millimeter gas pistol with two ammunition clips - one of which was spent - 55 cartridges for a 9mm Makarov pistol and a hand grenade.

Now, this guest of the city not only has to answer for abusing a woman, but for having illegal guns as well.

Vechernyaya Moskva, Sept. 8