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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


Promises, Promises

Four questions submitted by reader V.M. Chernov to Izvestia:

1. Everyone is already saying, in all seriousness, that a group of terrorists is supposedly organizing 10 explosions in Moscow. So, if there have already been three explosions - one on Manezh Square, in the center of town, the other on Ulitsa Guryanova and the third on Kashirskoye Shosse, both in the town's southern district - then reasoning logically (as terrifying as it is in this situation to speak of logic) we can deduce that the next explosions will take place in the city's other districts. My question is: why aren't the authorities saying anything about this? Why aren't they warning the people who live in the other districts?

2. The authorities said that they would check every attic and every basement in the city within 24 hours of Monday's blast, as well as every business located on the first floor of every apartment building. I live in the southwestern region of town. There is a firm on the first floor of my entry way, and neither I nor any of my neighbors have ever seen anyone who works there and none of us know what it is that they allegedly do there. On the other side of our building in the basement there is another firm that is equally mysterious. Farther up at the top of our stairwell, someone has written the word "entrance" on the door to the attic. And it's done in an almost childlike manner, with the words cut out of paper and glued to the door. But my question is: where are the promised searches of attics and basements? Where are the police who are supposed to do this in a professional way?

3. The police are supposed to be guarding every house in the city. That's the way it was announced to the population. Yes,I've seen them. When I went out on my balcony to have a cigarette, I saw a cop relieving himself between the garages. Is this the police that are supposed to be defending us?

4. Beat police officers are to come to each apartment building and conduct searches. That's the way it was announced to the population. I'm very sorry, but that is not what I have seen. Somebody came around awhile back, but he didn't say who he was. After the bombs, nobody came by and nobody asked any questions. Where are these beat cops who are supposed to be coming around and inspecting each apartment?

Izvestiya, Sept. 16.

Let Chechnya Go

Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the "Chechen Question."

Let the Chechens declare independence and then Russia can fortify its borders and build customs posts: No drugs, no guns. Furthermore, Every Chechen on Russian territory becomes in that instant a foreigner. Just give them time to return home, or, like every other foreigner, to get a visa, explain where they plan to go on their trip in Russia, what the point of that journey is and what good it will bring Russia.

And for all Russians wishing to get out of Chechnya, there must be found a means to do it quickly. I suggested exactly this to our government while in exile in Vermont. It would be a constructive lesson for the Chechens.

Argumenti i Fakty, Sept 14.