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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


Former Executive Secretary of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Boris Berezovsky, yesterday stated that he intends to take the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets to court. The notorious tycoon said that the newspaper had published a slanderous story about his contacts with Chechen bandits. The story also noted that Russian officials at all levels and entrepreneurs maintain legal and illegal contacts with Chechen field commanders that should be thoroughly investigated. The story examines their negative outcome of these contacts. Also covered in Kommersant Daily and Vremya MN.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin instructed his subordinates to begin to form an "active Chechen government," a possible pro-Moscow alternative to President Aslan Maskhadov. Federal authorities have previously made several unsuccessful attempts to form a "Chechen government in exile".

Five State Duma deputies will take part Sept. 21-22 in U.S. Congress hearings on the issue of the laundering of Russian money through the Bank of New York.

Dozens of criminal cases connected with gunmen's invasion of several Dagestani villages are being investigated today by a group of Dagestani prosecutors headed by the Prosecutor General's Office Main Board in the North Caucasus. In an interview, its chief prosecutor, Yury Biryukov, reports on how State Duma deputy Nadirshakh Khachilayev fought on the bandits' side.

Krasnoyarsk governor Alexander Lebed has announced 30 candidates supporting his adversary Anatoly Bykov, who have occupied honorary places in the election list of candidates from the LDPR party. The story looks at why so many Bykovites found themselves on the list.

The story reports on how Federation Council Speaker Yegor Stroyev has responded to the recent New York Times publication, which allegedly carried his words in support of President Yeltsin's earlier resignation. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

The Fuel and Energy Ministry on Sept. 15 held a session in the Khanty-Manski Autonomous Area to discuss issues pertaining to reforming the oil-gas complex of Russia. The story comments on its decisions.

The Moscow Arbitration Court yesterday made the decision to satisfy Vneshekonombank's lawsuit filed against Media-Most and Bonum-1 on exacting $42.2 million from them in favor of Vneshekonombank.

A group of State Duma deputies yesterday announced the creation of the Center for Supporting independent candidates - "People's Deputy."


Moscow police yesterday found a cache of 176 sacks of explosives disguised as ordinary sugar ( 3 tons) in Proektiruemy Proezd. They established that the terrorists were graduates of a Tatarstan madrasah, who later were trained in Khattab's sabotage center.

The paper prints full texts of statements by the Guild of Publishers and the Press Ministry and an interview by Press Minister Mikhail Lesin expressing serious concern over the fact that State Duma deputies are trying to limit mass media activities under the pretext of fighting bandits and terrorists.

Former Inkombank head Vladimir Vinogradov was the only Russian oligarch to "disappear" fromthe scene after the August 17 financial crisis. He failed to contact the press and to attend business parties. The paper has managed to contact him to find out what he is doing now.

In an interview, Transneft new head Semyon Vainshtok explains why his predecessor Dmitry Savelyev was fired. He also speaks about changes he plans to make in the company.

The government yesterday approved giving more powers to the tax police. A group of deputies headed by Viktor Ilyukhin has already submitted to the State Duma a package of corresponding amendments to the Tax Code.

Murmansk police and local Federal Security Service (FSB) officers yesterday found an unguarded cache of explosives and ammunition in a forest.

Today's closed session of the Federation Council will focus on the problems of the North Caucasus. The paper has managed to find out what measures the Senators have proposed to take in relation to Chechnya.

In an interview, LUKoil international vice-president Musa Keligov, whose brother was kidnapped in Chechnya, says how he conducted a military operation in Urus Martan, the main den of Chechen Wahhabites, in which seven bandits headed by brigade general Rizvan Varayev were killed. He explains that this is how he released his brother.

The story features the Church of Spas on Nereditse in Novgorod, which was open to the public a few days ago.

The Moscow Club of Creditors yesterday made its proposals to the Finance Ministry on restructuring the bonds of the internal currency loan of the third series. The story explores what will happen if the Ministry agrees.

The Swiss Cullbergballet is arriving in Moscow for guest performances scheduled for Oct. 6-7 in the premises of the Bolshoi Theater.

The story examines the prizes and the winners at the 8th Open Film Festival of the CIS and Baltic states, which has just closed in Anapa (Crimea).

The legendary Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra headed by maestro Klaudio Abbado will give a concert in the Grand hall of the Conservatory on Oct. 8. The story highlights the orchestra and its soloists.


The story tries to explain why First Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai Aksyonenko will now combine two jobs - his present post with the job of railway minister.

In a short interview yesterday, controversial tycoon Boris Berezovsky said that high-placed Russian officials have betrayed the country's interests in Dagestan.

In an interview psychologist Vladimir Druzhinin gives several effective recommendation as to what Muscovites should do to overcome stress and fears in today's complicated and tense situation in the city.


Crowds of Muscovites every day now come to Hospital 161 on Ulitsa Akademika Millionshchikova to donate blood for victims of the recent explosions. The story describes their kind action.

Central Bank boss Viktor Gerashchenko is certain that the dollar at the end of the year will not cost more than 27 rubles. Meanwhile, participants in the currency market assert the opposite.

Political observer Alexander Khinshtein, whom mass media tycoon Boris Berezovsky yesterday accused of slandering him, tries to explain his opponent's furious behavior.

Moscow archaeologists unearthed 600 artifacts dating to the 13th-17th centuries in Tretyakovsky Proezd.

The story examines three versions of possible reasons behind the recent blast in Manezh Mall.


Press review II


The story analyzes the results of the medical examinations of numerous victims who have survived the recent explosions in the city. The examinations were conducted by Moscow psychotherapists and psychologists.

On Sept. 16, the unified congress of the deputies of all levels and representatives from national and public-political movements of Abazin, Cherkess and part of the Russian populations in Karachayevo-Cherkessia adopted a declaration that proclaimed the Cherkessk Autonomous Region as part of Stavropolsky Krai. Cherkessk Mayor Stanislav Deyev became head of this newly-proclaimed region. The story notes that local authorities have not asked for the Kremlin's consent.

Chechnya's Prosecutor General's Office on Wednesday instituted criminal proceedings against Mikhail Leontyev, host of the ORT program "Odnako" ("You Don't Say"), accusing him of allegedly fanning up ethnic strife. The story details the conflict.

Moscow News Editor Sergei Roi cites several arguments to prove that Moscow must revise its policy in relation to Chechnya.

In an interview Thursday with The New York Times, Russia's Federation Council speaker Yegor Stroyev stated that the rumored Sept. 17 resignation of President Boris Yeltsin would only do good for Russia. Thus he said in part: "If Yeltsin stepped down today, it would be better for the people, political parties and for him personally." Also covered in Segodnya, and Noviye Izvestia.

Justice Minister Yury Chaika stated in a Thursday interview with Interfax that he was in favor of speeding up the submission of a new wording of the Law on the State of Emergency. The story explains what forces might gain from the introduction of this legislation.

In an interview, Teimuraz Bagilly, Chairman of the Creditors Commitee of the Achinsky Alumina Combine, examines a complicated situation in the company, where several powerful forces are fighting for its control.

The story reports how local North Ossetia branches of KPRF, Our Home, LDPR and Fatherland are preparing for the upcoming elections to the State Duma, parliament's lower house.

Writer Vktor Astafyev lately has had a number of articles and stories published in severalthick literary journals - Novy Mir No. 8 among them. The story outlines the writer's new trends shown in the journals.

In an interview, Igor Fyodorov, head of the Council of Moscow Higher Schools Rectors, says what novelties this academic year has in store for Russian university students.


Mass media tycoon Boris Berezovsy yesterday, despite his health problems, gave an interview at Interfax to tell journalists the "whole truth about Dagestan." He named five politicians whom he believes have "betrayed Russia's interests in Dagestan." The story examines several circumstances that Berezovsky says have forced him to leave his hospital bed. Also covered in Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

The story reports on how and where Moscow detectives Thursday evening had managed to find over 11 tons of all kinds of explosives in several Moscow districts.

The story cites figures showing that Moscow and Minsk lately have expanded trade in the military sphere, despite the 30 percent cut in their general trade turnover.

Justice Minister Yury Chaika at yesterday's session of the Federation Council Constitutional Legislation Committee, which considered the issue of releasing him from the post of First Deputy Prosecutor General, stated that he was willing to report to the Federation Council about his work in the Prosecutor General's Office.

The Press Ministry released a statement in connection with the complicated and tense situation in Russia today.

The technical details of a plan for setting up a "sanitary cordon" around Chechnya, through which Prime Ministry has won the Duma deputies' hearts this week, will probably not be made public in the near future. The paper makes the point that there is strong doubt that such a plan exists in a final form. Former Director of the Federal Border Service Andrei Nikolayev has presented his own plan for Chechnya's military and political isolation. The story examines its major provisions.

Are the Moscow banks prepared to tackle the Y2K computer bug problem? In an interview Mikhail Senatorov, Central Bank deputy head, answers this question.

Russia's gold currency reserves between Sept.3 and 10 decreased by $200 million or by 1.8 percent from $11.1 billion down to $10.9 billion. This was stated yesterday by the Central Bank. The paper also ran other figures on the domestic gold reserves.

Finance Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has completed another round of negotiations in London with the London Club commercial creditors of the former USSR. He announced to the European financial community Russia's proposal for restructuring the USSR's debt.

The KPRF Moscow City Committee yesterday called on 20,000 Moscow Communists to organize special local committees to resists further terrorist acts. The Communists called upon other parties to take part in defending the city. The story describes their efforts.


Russia will pay out $170 million to the Paris Club of Creditors before Nov.30 according toan agreement signed in early August on restructuring the Russian payments - about $8 billion - to the Paris Club. This was stated yesterday by Finance Minister Mikhail Kasyanov.

A new structure - the Government Information Department - will replace the Government Information Board, which has been abolished by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The story explains why terrorists have chosen Volgodonsk for their recent gangster act.

The story reports on how 90 percent of commercial banks, which the Central Bank provided with hard currency during the August 1998 financial crisis transferred IMF money to the Bank of New York. The Central Bank did not do it.


The newspaper offers 20 literary anecdotes about poet Alexander Pushkin.


The 6th International Festival "The World of Beauty-99" will take place in Moscow's Kremlin Palace between Sept. 23 and 27. The story describes its extensive program.

In an interview First Deputy Moscow Premier Oleg Tolkachov, head of the Economic Policy and Property-Land Relations Department of the Moscow City government, says what the government and Muscovites have gained from privatization.