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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016



Robben Ford

(GRP Records)

This guy has been rocking, rhythm and bluesing, and jazzing for 30 years now. He has played with George Harrison and Joni Mitchell, toured with Miles Davis and released more than a dozen of his own albums.

But that's OK since I haven't heard most of this San Francisco native's previous releases and, therefore, can't really get annoyed by the repetitions that this album must be ridden with.

True, there is no exquisite guitar technique to be heard and Ford should try to have someone more energetic sing for a change. But even his shy-and-sweet voice can't spoil those tracks for which he has come up with rough riffs, such as "When I Cry Today" and "Lovin' Cup."

The sound of Ford's instrument in the latter will definitely leave guitar legends on this side of the Atlantic Ocean biting their polished picks and nails. As for me, I just enjoy Mr. Ford's easy-going manner and his ability to swing from modern jazz to rhythm and blues.

"Eye of the Storm"

Brazen Abbot

(East West Records/Soyuz)

Producers of the Spinal Tap rockumentary could have saved a whole lotta money and sweat by just waiting for Joe Lynn Turner to form this band and then filming it.

Nothing can look more pathetic than this stocky figure prancing around the stage, singing his trademark gothic horror 'n' romance tales to soft metal tunes that were pronounced dead more than a decade ago.

Whoever Brazen Abbot's musicians are, they have tried hard to imitate Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow on this album. That's where Turner spent the golden part of his vocal career, and ever since he was dumped from it, he has tried hard to find someone to play ? la Blackmore for him.

The problem is that even Blackmore has already realized that there is nothing left to explore in the world of soft hard rock and has switched to medieval acoustics.

This album must be big in Japan, though.

"Take Off"



It is not exactly soul, I'd say. It sounds more like an attempt to give girls from the European mainland their own authentic version of London Beat.

The German-based English-singing trio may look a bit too old and alternatively-shaven to awaken the darker instincts of teenage cheerleaders, but they do sound sweet enough to please a seasoned gal's ears. Skip straight to the cover of "Ride Like The Wind" right after the first number, though, if you want to make it to the end of this 14-track album.

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- Simon Saradzhyan