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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


A tough hand, which ex-Cabinet head Sergei Stepashin allegedly lacked, and a new alignment of forces - this is what President Boris Yeltsin demands from the newly appointed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his government. The story comments on the Kremlin's political priorities. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

The story comments on issues President Boris Yeltsin discussed yesterday at his meeting with Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev, above all the army's greater role in today's unstable political situation. The problem of defending the national interests in the North Caucasus has become acute as never before, and the army is likely to deal with restoring constitutional order in this region.

Moscow law-enforcers stated yesterday that security measures will be beefed up in the city due to the aggravated situation in the south of Russia. Also covered in Moskovskie Komsomolets.

The political situation in Dagestan has seriously escalated and there is a danger that the republic might separate from Russia. The story notes that it's time to admit the simple and clear fact that the whole foundation of the Russian special services' activities in the North Caucasus is completely ineffective.

Georgy Luntovsky, Central Bank deputy head, yesterday was appointed manager of the SBS-AGRO temporary administration. The story notes that the bank's managers now may make decisions only if this administration approves them. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

Central Election Commission head Alexander Veshnyakov stated yesterday that on Aug. 9 his commission had received from the Justice Ministry a list of 139 public and political associations that will take part in the December parliamentary elections. The story offers information about lists of candidates.

In an interview, Soviet dissident playwright Leonid Zorin talks about a difficult fate of his plays in Soviet times.

In an interview Boris Somov, head of the Physics of the Sun laboratory attached to the State Astronomy Institute, talks about today's full solar eclipse. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.


Dagestan's Islamic shurah yesterday adopted a declaration on creating an independent Moslem state and called for a jihad "for the liberation of Dagestan from age-long Russian occupation." "Terrorist" Shamil Basayev heads guerrilla military units fighting in several districts of the republic. The Russian federal leadership is working on a plan to combat them. The story notes that Russian troops will have to fight not only in the Caucasus - according to special services' latest information, Chechen saboteurs intend to stage terrorist acts in all large Russian cities.

Fatherland's campaign manager Georgy Boos stated yesterday that the Fatherland-All Russia bloc would like to propose to ex-prime minister Sergei Stepashin that he enter its election list. The story explains why the bloc needs Stepashin.

In an interview, Finance Minister Mikhail Kasyanov speaks about the results of his negotiations with the Paris and London clubs creditors and about the fate of Russian debts.

NTV's next Kukly program, which will include newly appointed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as its new character, will appear in September. Artist Andrei Drozdov has begun to create Putin's puppet.

President Boris Yeltsin yesterday appointed commander of the Far Eastern Military District General Viktor Chechevatov to the post of chief of the General Staff Academy.

On April 1, the Moscow Municipal Housing Department introduced new rules of municipal housing privatization. The story notes that city authorities do everything in their power to make the privatization process as troublesome as possible.

The Czech Republic this fall intends to cancel the visa-free regime for CIS travelers and do the same for Russian tourists before the end of this year. The story examines the reason behind the decision.

Tokyo is sure that resolving the Kuril Islands problem is dependent wholly on President Yeltsin's will, and it will welcome any measures that consolidate his power. The story comments on the problem of the Kuril Islands after Yeltsin's sacking of Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin.

A new big scandal may erupt in Primorye Region, where its Prosecutor's Office has sent to the City Court a criminal case involving former Vladivostok Mayor Viktor Cherepkov. The mayor is accused of giving city budget funds to swindlers.

In an interview, Semyon Kukes, president and head of the Tyumen Oil Company Board of Directors, says in part why his company is interested in SIDANKO, which is on the brink of bankruptcy.

The Bulgarian Privatization Agency has made the decision to sell to LUKoil the controlling stock of the Neftokhim company, the countyr's fuel monopoly.

The story explains the fiasco that resulted from the merger of the Vnukovo Airlines and Sibir air companies late in July.

In an interview, Aeroflot Director-General Valery Okulov comments on the accusations made against him by the Summer Flights Staff and Sheremetyevo labor unions.

The American Film Academy has sent out invitations to 75 countries to nominate their films for Oscar Prize in the category of " best foreign film in the year." The story looks at what Russia's reply might be.


Russia's hero-military pilot Yury Naumov was shot down yesterday in the Botlikhsky District in Daghestan.

The story tries to forecast the future fate of the Cabinet ministers who resigned Monday. Whom will acting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin select for his new team?

The story reports on what Vladivostok governor Yevgeny Nazdratenko is going to do to overcome the fuel crisis in the region.

Outside administration has been imposed on 60 large industrial enterprises in the Kemerovo region.

In an interview, Vasily Galushkin, vice- governor of the Volgograd region, talks about the social programs that help the locals survive.

Cosmonauts in Soviet times were awarded Stars of the Hero of the Soviet Union not only for courage but also for loyalty to the Soviet regime. The story asks whether today's Russian cosmonauts will be similarly laureled.