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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


Suspended Prosecutor General Yury Skuratov intends to nominate his candidacy to the State Duma in his native land - Buryatia. The story points to one factor that may be an obstacle to his participation.

Eleven-year-old Damir Gareyev in Bashkiria killed a mad bear, which for several weeks had terrorized the whole village. The story describes how it happened.

Federal authorities are reported to have failed so far to take tough measures against Shamil Basayev's gunmen who occupied several Daghestani villages. Members of the Political Council of the upper house of Parliament share their viewpoints on resorting to tough measures in the North Caucasus, saying that they support them. Also covered in Kommersant Daily,Noviye Izvestia, Segodnya, Vremya MN.

The United States of America has refused to back Russia's application to join the World Trade Organization. The story says why.

President Boris Yeltsin yesterday sent to State Duma speaker Gennady Seleznyov a list of 26 draft bills which are a priority. The story singles out the draft law ratifying the Russian-American Treaty START-2

The resignation of the Sergei Stepashin Cabinet is continuing to bring in unpleasant surprises: thus on Aug. 10 the gasoline prices in Moscow skyrocketed 5 percent. Sergei Borisov, head of the Moscow Fuel Union, assures that next week motor fuel prices will go up another 5 percent. The story comments on the situation.

The landslides in Stavropolye have caused water shortages, having destroyed the water supply system in this region. The story examines the disturbing situation, saying that already tomorrow Stavropol may remain without drinking water.

Political analyst Maxim Sokolov describes a dangerous phenomenon in the Russian political ruling elite today - rapid changes in governmental appointments, with their negative consequences.

The Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Information, together with the Justice Ministry's Main Board of Executing Punishments, is conducting an experiment to enroll convicts in education programs. The story describes the experiment.

Ex-Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin is facing a difficult dilemma - which election blocs, right-wing or left-wing, should he join. Political analysts believe that he will reject offers from the right-wing coalition. The story comments on the issue. Also covered in Noviye Izvestia.

Fatherland's campaign manager Georgy Boos has proposed to ex-Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin that he be on the election list of the future Fatherland-All Russia bloc without any preliminary consultations with his bosses, which, as the story notes, may cause disagreement among the party leaders. The story describes Boos's indiscreet behavior.

Alexander Zakharov, director-general of the Moscow Inter-Bank Currency Exchange, examines the aims of Russia's financial, monetary-crediting and hard currency policies in 2000, focusing on the new role of the currency rate as an instrument in economic policy.


The extraordinary session of the Council of the upper house of Parliament yesterday left no doubt that a state of emergency in the North Caucasus could be declared any moment. And not only there, notes the story, saying that yesterday, for the first time after the end of the Chechen war, armored troops carriers could be seen on Shosse Entuziastov and near the Kremlin, on Nikolo-Yamskaya Ulitsa. The story features the Senators' response to the acute problem.

The Finance Ministry yesterday submitted to the gvt the draft budget-2000, which, as compared with last year, has become even tougher. The agreement with the International Monetary Fund has demanded an increase in the primary surplus of the budget up to 3.2 percent of the gross domestic product. The story examines major provisions of the document.

Ex-Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin's resignation has brought unexpected problems to organizers of the right-wing bloc. Thus, on Tuesday several members of the Voice of Russia bloc stated that an alliance with the "Right Cause" was impossible, and yesterday Our Home leader Viktor Chernomyrdin actually gave up his alliance with the right-wing coalition. The story comments on the issue.

Acting First Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai Aksyonenko yesterday held several sessions on the gvt premises, where he reprimanded ministers, showing them that he was a real boss in the gvt White House. The story focuses on his overzealous behavior.

The story says how leading Western newspapers have assessed the current political developments in Russia, the resignation of the Stepashin Cabinet and the future candidate to the presidency.

UE head Anatoly Chubais yesterday opened his own site on the Russian Internet information service. The story describes the successful event.

In an interview chief Chechen ideologue Movladi Udugov speaks sharply about the current developments in Daghestan, about the recent decisions made by its shurah and about Shamil Basayev's ambitious plans to change the map of the North Caucasus.

Poor pensioner Valery Sergeyev, 64, living in Kudymkar, has received an inheritance of $3,600,000, left by his grandfather in Switzerland. In an interview Sergeyev speaks about his luck.

A big scandal is unfolding on the insurance market- the procedure of bankruptcy is threatening the Energogarant insurance company, which is the main insurer of the UES company. The story reveals the essence of the scandal.

The conflict between YUKOS and the Federal Securities Commission yesterday entered its concluding stage - YUKOS showed its contempt for the commission, saying that the shares of its daughter companies now would be quoted at the Moscow Inter-Bank Currency Exchange rather than in the Russian Trading System.

The Makfa macaroni producer in Chelyabinsk has lodged a lawsuit in the Arbitration Courtagainst its rival, the Moscow Extra-M company. The story reveals the essence of their conflict.

The Dutch Philips concern has agreed to take its hand mixer HR-1340 Billy off the Russian market. The story says why.

AvtoVAZ has signed a preliminary agreement with the Exvadore (Sp.?) company "Aymesa" on creating an assembly workshop to manufacture VAZ-2106. The story comments on the deal.

The Transaero aviation company has signed a contract with the Ulyanovsk Aviastar factory on buying 10 Tu-204 planes. The story describes the deal.

Highly-regarded artist Ilya Glazunov has received a new building for his own picture gallery. Mayor Yury Luzhkov has signed the appropriate document. The story describes the event.


In an interview Federation Council Speaker Yegor Stroyev speaks in part about real effective power enjoyed by regional governors today.

The story highlights Boris Yeltsin's ups and downs ( successes and failures ) throughout his political career.



The story examines the pros and cons of a possible alliance of ex-Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov with Mayor Yury Luzhkov's Fatherland.

In an interview Anatoly Kornukhov, commander-in-chief of Russia's Air Force, which marks its holiday today, speaks about latest structural changes and the improved material situation.

Scandal. Lev Sigal, editor-in-chief of the APN information agency, yesterday was summoned to the Inquiry Board of the Moscow Interior Department to report to investigator Andrei Korotkov where the agency had obtained compromising material about Kemerovo Governor Aman Tuleyev. The story explains what the material is about.

The story describe a dog hotel, which recently opened in Moscow on Ulitsa Shabolovka and its happy guests. A dog's daily stay there costs 40 rubles 80 kopeks without food

The interregional association "Sibirskoye Soglasheniye" ( Siberian Agreement") is expected to hold a session tomorrow in Tomsk that will be attended by the newly appointed acting prime minister Vladimir Putin and by other Cabinet ministers. The session will focus on the draft of the new federal budget. Economist Valery Zubov examines three variants of the Finance Ministry's "budget behavior."

The story features a unique children's health-improving center 90 km from St. Petersburg which welcomes young holidaymakers from all over the world.

In an interview Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov shares his viewpoints on the resignation of the Sergei Stepashin Cabinet, on the Kremlin's political defeats, on President Yeltsin's inability to govern Russia, on the problem of removing Lenin from the Mausoleum, on the question of banning the Communist Party, on a desirable Zyuganov-Primakov-Luzhkov election alliance and on the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.


The story offers a list ( and photos) of politicians and the Kremlin, the gvt and the Central Bank, showing how many mass media outlets they control today.

In the opinion of Igor Yakovenko, secretary-general of Russia's Journalists' Union, the mass media market as such is actually non-existent in Russia today - mass media as the carriers of information, objective facts about current developments and adequate commentaries on them are absent from the market sphere. Yakovenko explains why he is sure of that.

In an interview lawyer Mikhail Fedotov, who was one of the authors of the first law on the press, now secretary of the Russian Journalists' Union, speaks about problems facing mass media during the election campaign and in the future.


The State Fishery Committee has proposed that the gvt impose a monopoly on storing and selling black caviar. The story says how Russia may gain from this measure.

The Central Bank on Aug. 10 imposed temporary administration on SBS-AGRO bank, and on the same day the Agency for Restructuring Crediting Organizations ( ARKO) began to inspect the bank's performance. The story says that numerous SBS clients have expressed concern that the bank has been deceiving them.

Ecology. The Japanese vessel"Takeo-Maru," which sank in October 1979 in the Tatarsky Strait near Sakhalin Island, is threatening now to pollute the strait with fuel oil which leaks through two holes in the ship's hull. The story describes the accident. Also covered in Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

The story describes the SIDANKO company, which, as the story notes, is in a comatose state today. Independent experts and representatives from other oil companies believe that the company will not be able to recover from this state. (


The indefatigable Russian traveler, Fyodor Konyukhov, who has traveled all over the world, intends to conquer the great Sahara this time. In an interview he speaks enthusiastically about his new plans.

In an interview Mukhu Aliyev, chairman of the People's Assembly of Daghestan, gives his assessment on the current developments on the Daghestani-Chechen border.

In an interview Yury Rodin-Sova head of the Oboronitelniye Sistemy (Defensive Systems) Financial-Industrial Group, which makes S-300P missiles, says why he opposes the system of selling weapons through Rosvooruzheniye and how his group allocates 80 percent of its profits to fund applied research.

In an interview Igor Fyodorov, rector of the Moscow Bauman State Technical University, speaks about foreigners, including Iranians, who study at the University. He discusses recent rumors that have concerned Iranian students.

Yakutia 50 years ago became the country's diamond treasury. Today its ALROSA, a leading company in the world, intends to do trade on the world market without mediation of the De Beers diamond monopoly. In an interview ALROSA head Vyacheslav Shtyrov talks about its ambitious plans.


Mikhail Gorbachev, head of his own fund, and Bremen entrepreneur Egon Harms (Sp.), head of the Russian Probationers' Society in Bremen, have launched a joint charity educational program for Russian orphans in Germany. Two hundred Russian orphans will go to Germany for two years to study there. The story reveals the project.

When asked: What is the presidential administration today? - 61 percent of respondents, who, between Aug. 5 and 10, took part in the Internet opinion poll, answered that it's an organization pursuing its own aims and interests, and not a single person said that it's an agency dealing with matters of the head of state. Pie chart.

The story offers interesting details saying why President Boris Yeltsin decided to sack Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin.

As Security Council Secretary, Vladimir Putin last week sent a letter to then-Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin with a proposal to include federal courts of general jurisprudence into the list of strategic organizations ensuring state security. Today Putin himself will have to make decision on this issue .

The Euroasian Teleforum, scheduled for Aug.19-25 in Moscow, has been sponsored by the Prometei-ASR inter-regional telecommunications network. The story reveals its program.

In an interview Andrei Illarionov, Director of the Institute of Economic Analysis, speaks about the reasons and grave consequences of the August 17, 1998 financial crisis, saying that the crisis could have been prevented. Sergei Aleksashenko, then deputy head of the Central Bank, believes that the Aug 17 decision was correct.

The story features the poor fate of small businesses today, who lack support adequate support from the state. Facts and figures illustrate the point.

In an interview Sergei Zverev, former deputy head of the presidential administration who was sacked a week earlier than Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin, comments on the latter's resignation and on the Kremlin's changing attitude to election blocs.

The recent arrest of two Russian spies in Germany has made it indignant. After the unification of Germany "friend Boris" promised to his "friend Helmut" not to send Russian spies to the FRG any longer, but, the story says, the logic of "cold war" gets its way. The story gives facts and figures showing that the number of Russian "secret agents" has immeasurably increased lately.