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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


There is generally less of a demand for red wines in the summer than in the chillier season. The taste seems too heavy in the heat, and these wines are usually served too warm to match the cool refreshment of a chilled white. Do not be fooled, however, into believing that all red wines should be served at room temperature, or you could miss out on some good picks.

Among the red wines of France, no other is as light, aromatic and bright as Beaujolais, which, served at its correct temperature, is chilled to between 13 and 14 degrees Celsius. Today Beaujolais is among the most famous of the French wine regions, although its path to glory was not so smooth. Overshadowed by the products of its two neighbors, the historically better known wine regions of Burgundy and the Rhone valley, Beaujolais wines were forced to fulfill the seasonal niche.

Given the fierce competition, winemakers and merchants were faced with a tough choice: either to produce a mature wine that would take a second place to Burgundy, or to change their approach. They made the right choice, and introduced to the world "Nouveau Beaujolais," which appears on the market a few months before the more mature reds, and is best consumed within a year or two of its harvest.

Indeed, the wine has attracted such a following that the third Thursday in November, the official date of the Beaujolais release, has become an international holiday.

Beaujolais is a perfect wine for a picnic, an evening cocktail, or it can accompany a table of cold hors d'oeuvres such as p?t?, sliced meats, cheese or mushrooms.

Many Burgundy merchants also carry a number of Beaujolais wines. Such respectable names in winemaking as Louis Jadot, Louis Max and Jean Lafitte will aid you in your search for a good Beaujolais, which in Moscow runs about $15 a bottle. Also, look for Les Beaujolais "Pure Sang" from Georges Duboef and Paul Beaudet.

Igor Serdyuk is a wine specialist for Vitrina Business Magazine.