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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


In an interview, President Boris Yeltsin speaks about the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, his successor, his vision of a new parliament and the problem of burying Lenin, among other issues.

According to results of the July 1 to 3 opinion poll conducted by the VTSIOM Sociological Research Center in Moscow 61 percent of 1,077 respondents oppose a possible ban of the Communist Party. Forty-three percent are in favor of Lenin's burial and 43 percent oppose it.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko announced that Belarus is willing to take resolute steps to take part in European integration. The story harshly criticizes his statement.

President Boris Yeltsin has signed the Law on the Status of the Deputy to the Federation Council and on the Status of the Deputy to the State Duma in a new wording.

Russian and Ukrainian presidents Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kuchma during their meeting Sunday decided the fate of the nuclear cruiser Moskva, which will take part in a festive parade in Sevastopol in honor of Russia's Navy Day.

The hurricane that raged Vilyuisk, Yakutia on July 3 has left seven people injured and 300 families homeless.

The popular human rights organization - the Moscow Helsinki Group - has opened the first public office in Moscow with the aim of providing psychological help to those people who have suffered in religious and ideological conflicts.

The story examines several circumstances to prove that integration with Belarus only harms Russia's economic interests.

The Sakhalinskaya Energia company yesterday extracted the first portion of oil on the Sakhalin shelf according to the production sharing agreement.

The Vimpelkom company yesterday announced the beginning of commercial exploitation of the two-range cellular network of GSM-900/1800 standard in Moscow city and region. The trademark of the new network is BeeLine GSM.

The government late in June signed a decree on merging the Tupolev Aviation Research-Technical Complex and the Ulyanovsk aviation factory "Aviastar" into the single structure "Tupolev."

Volgopromkhim has conducted a restructuring of Samara petrochemical factories it controls. This was stated by Volgopromkhim director Anatoly Afanasyev, who focused on its results.

About ten Volgograd firms that previously registered in Kalmykia's offshore zone have come back home and another ten intend to do so in the near future.


Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo has ordered pre-emptive strikes against Chechen bandits without waiting for the president's instructions. Thus, the story concludes, the Interior Minister has declared war on Chechnya without orders from Supreme Commander Boris Yeltsin.

In an interview, Kommersant founder Vladimir Yakovlev tells to whom he has sold the Kommersant publishing house and why.

Russian authorities have launched a wide-scale attack on the realty market, caused by the decision of the Supreme Court, saying that those who have bought realty for prices lower than market value should pay an income tax.

Two years ago, President Boris Yeltsin's daughter Tatyana Dyachenko became his image adviser. Several politicians share their views on her activities.

A scandal has erupted in St. Petersburg over the cost of the founding congress of the All Russia movement, which was held six weeks ago. Deputies to the City Legislative Assembly asked the Prosecutor's Office to investigate where the movement got money to hold the congress.

Alexei Polyakov, Director of the Avers-M firm, was killed yesterday in Ramenskoye, just outside Moscow.

Inkombank yesterday announced its plans to pay out debts to individual clients in the Moscow region.

The Avtotor auto factory in Kaliningrad has begun to assemble BMW cars. The story notes that if the output volume is not corrected, the auto market will be wholly captured by the Bavarian concern.

Foreigners, in the hope of saving even part of their invested funds, are "defreezing" enterprises, which were created in Russia before the August crisis. For example, Renault and the Economics Ministry yesterday signed an investment agreement, envisaging the beginning of assembling Renault Megane cars at the Moscow Avtoframos JV.


Commenting on the sale of the Kommersant newspaper to the American Capital Investment Fund run by British subject of Iranian origin Kia Joorabchian, the story notes that there is strong supposition that the fund acted on commission from Russia, with controversial tycoon Boris Berezovsky being a commissioner.

The Federal Law concerning the elections of deputies to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly has taken effect.

The U.S. Ambassador to Russia on July 7 will give to the chief designer of the Ilyushin Aviation Research-Technical Complex the U.S. Federal Aviation Board's flying validity certificate for the Il-96T jet, which will gain the right for export not only to the United States but to several other countries acknowledging the certificate.

The Legislative Assembly of Krasnodarsky Krai at the recent extraordinary session indignantly discussed the U.S. humanitarian food aid - 8,000 tons of soy beans with seeds of harmful weeds - which is viewed as a sabotage of Russia.


The story examines a new scheme of the earlier presidential elections authorized by political analyst and "intellectual adventurer" Gleb Pavlovsky. The scheme has allegedly been submitted to the presidential administration, which approved it.

Rumor has it that chief artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater (MHAT)Oleg Yefremov may resign soon because of serious health problems.

Sberbank today has begun to pay out a new portion of compensations on citizens' deposits, which were devalued during the so-called Gaidar reform.

According to reports from the Moscow Interior Department, the number of crimes slightly decreased in the city in the first half year.

In an interview, Viktor Denikin, head of the State Youth Committee, focuses on acute problems - drug addiction, prostitution, education and jobs - experiencing by young people today.

The story reports on how prima donna Alla Pugacheva is featured in porn magazine "Hustler."


The Central Bank on Monday allowed nonresident banks to buy currency from ruble accounts in Russian banks, which is a more tangible blow to the Russian ruble than the recent the cancelling of the special trading session.

Thirteen-year-old Anton is dying because of lymphosarcoma in the Rostov regional hospital, because his mother, a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses sect, has not allowed doctors to perform a blood transfusion on her son. The story details the case.

The tree that fell down during a hurricane in St. Petersburg on Sunday left two people dead and another three seriously injured. The story describes how it happened. Also covered in Segodnya.

The story highlights Moscow theaters' program of their guest performances this summer. Two theaters will go to Yugoslavia.

In an interview Tatarstan's President Mintimer Shaimiyev, an initiator of the All Russia movement, answers the following questions: How did the idea of creating the association emerge? Why didn't you initiate the idea together with Konstantin Titov's the Voice of Russia movement? Are you willing to merge with Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov's party? Did you speak with President Boris Yeltsin about uniting the governors' blocs? How do you assess the Communists' chances at the upcoming December parliamentary elections?

The Analytical Note concerning the position of ethnic Russians in Chechnya. Full text.


In an interview, Galina Vishnevskaya, wife of the legendary musician Mstislav Rostropovich, explains why her husband does not want to give concerts in Russia.

According to information in London, American philanthropist George Soros does not exclude the possibility of selling his package of stock in Russia's Svyazinvest company.

Sergei Selyanov was the first independent Soviet producer in the early 1980s when, together with Nikolai Makarov, he founded a creative union for the production of the film The Day of Angel. Today Selyanov heads the independent St. Petersburg studio STB. In an interview, he talks about his "cinema empire."


Kremlin sources say that all preparations for merging Russia and Belarus will be completed in August. President Boris Yeltsin on Monday made Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin responsible for the job. The story comments on the issue.

In an interview, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev shares his impressions about the draft of the Belarus-Russia Union Treaty and about the idea of merging the two states. Gorbachev says in part that he knows who is pursuing the aims of integration and to what end.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant press service reported on the withdrawal of the station's third reactor from exploitation. The only active Chernobyl reactor has been closed. Thus Ukraine, which promised the West to shut down Chernobyl before the year 2000 has done it. But for how long ? The story examines Ukraine's plans.

Political analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky explains why right-of-center parties have always been trying to unite their efforts in the struggle for survival. The author shows how they manage to do it today.

In an interview, Russian emigr? philosopher and writer Alexander Zinovyev who last week came back home after 20 years in immigration, says why he made this decision. Also covered in Moskovskiye Novosti.


MN Editor Viktor Loshak, commenting on the imposing of a 2 percent sales tax in Moscow, notes that the interesting thing about it is that no one had asked such questions as "why are they [the Moscow authorities] collecting money from us? Is our country in danger? Do you want to improve the children's medical care?"

Stanislav Shushkevich, former chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus, says why President Alexander Lukashenko urges Russia to speed up the integration process.

In an interview, Fuel and Energy Minister Viktor Kalyuzhny, who is being much criticized today, answers the following questions: What are your relations with Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin and his fuel and energy complex adviser Sergei Chizhov? What personnel policy will you pursue in your agency? What about your frequent threats to companies to cut them off from export pipelines?

This story talks about the real owners of shares of the Kuznetsky and Novolipetsky metal combines.

Greek Defense Minister Akis Tsokhadzopulos comments on plans by Armenia, Greece and Iran to sign an agreement on the trilateral military cooperation and its possible effect on the whole Caucasus region. The story comments on the statement.

The story describes the case of a mass infection of children with AIDS at a Volgograd hospital 10 years ago. The consequences of this tragedy are still alive today.


In an interview, American cellist and conductor Dmitry Yablonsky, speaks about his musical career and plans to come to Moscow soon with guest performances.


The Resolution of the Plenary Meeting of the Supreme Court and of the Plenary Meeting of the Supreme Arbitration Court concerning several issues connected with putting into effect the first part of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Full text. Chief consultant of the Supreme Court comments on the document.

The government decree concerning arms designed for prosecutors' and investigators' personal defense. Full text.

The government decree aimed at boosting employment. Full text.


Political analyst Vasily Safronchuk offers an analysis of major results of the shareholders' meetings in several natural monopolies, showing how the Kremlin "family" is doing everything possible to exercise its control over them. Besides, the story reports on how the "family" is procuring its control over mass media.