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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


The Levellers "Best of the Levellers -- One Way of Life"

(China Records)

Time stops for no one, and now even these once youthful apologists of British folk punk have become old and commercial enough to release their best works.

And it sounds fun despite all those British indie junkies whining about this band selling out to a major label.

Some of these 16 best hits may appear a bit too earnest and straightforward to you, but I like this band's recipe of boiling rock, punk and folk poured into one Irish stew; and that violin solo done against a rattling Black Sabbathesque riff somewhere in the middle throws enough spice in to make me ask for seconds.

Christian Falk "Quel Bordel"


Swedes really are no worse than Brits and Americans when it comes to producing a bit of classy English-language pop.

This Scandinavian-born project sounds unpretentiously melancholic, but is groovy enough thanks to sophisticated pop arrangements and a few successful remakes, including one by Neneh Cherry.

Def Leppard "Euphoria"

(Mercury Records)

Like almost everyone else in the world of hard-and-heavy music, the Def Leppards have started cutting their hair and wearing trendy pret-a-porter.

Having completed the painful but commercially sensible act of revamping their looks, the good old Leppards have, however, remained deaf to calls for at least some sort of a change in their musical style.

The same riffs, same electronically-treated drums and same husky voice are still delivering the same love/hate cliches with a sweet chorus of back-up vocals for the refrains.

But don't hold it against these guys. They've always been the softest of all metal bands.

Jimmy Nail

"Tadpoles In A Jar"

(Warner Music UK/Soyuz)

This middle-aged man really does seem intent on keeping himself trim after a well-recorded youth of booze, fist fights and jail. "Remember that someone loves you," he likes to remind us.

Just ignore the moralizing junk and focus instead on Nail's delicately sad voice and puritan arrangements. Only then will the overall result seem tolerable, especially if you keep in mind that Nail's main job is playing a tough cop in a TV serial.

Jimmy should, however, decide which of the two Toms (Petty and Waits) he wants to follow by the time the tadpoles in this jar mature and he decides to make another thoughtful album.

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- Simon Saradzhyan