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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


Russia's Market Unreal

In response to "Market Just Playing With Numbers," a May 7 editorial.

Your editorial actually was one of the best opinion pieces I have read during the last five years, and I congratulate you for it.

This country, with all the human and material resources available to it, should now, at least theoretically, be one the wealthiest and strongest powers in the world. Instead, it has been reduced to a basket case where nothing seems to work and the vast majority of the Russian people suffer thanks to the draconian mismanagement of its resources by both the foreign "whiz kids" that you mention and the Russian nomenklatura. I fully concur with your idea that what happens in the minuscule and wildly speculative Russian stock market is not at all relevant to the present situation in Russia. Nothing short of a thorough overhaul of the system by which this country is governed and painful structural reforms will bring Russia back to life.

I only disagree with the last sentence in your editorial which reads: "... and investors who pour their money into Russia on a whim will just as happily rip it back out overnight." You better not be so sure of this - this time around they just may not be able to do so. Another financial panic-run could be too big a blow for present-day Russia to handle or survive, and the ensuing chaos will surely finish off whatever little hope that remains for a democratic and prosperous future. I think we all know what will happen then.

Hakan Sozcri

Chief Operating Officer

ENKA Real Estate Group, Moscow

Anger Is Against Elite

In response To "Americans Safe, For Some Reason, In Moscow," an April 28 essay by Matt Bivens.

The author of the article is absolutely right: Americans are safe in Moscow. The reason is simple. The rank and file people are angry, of course, because of their poverty, hardships and the absence of any hope of improvement. So their anger is in fact directed against the ruling elite - those who ride in expensive foreign cars, etc. As for the bombing of Yugoslavia, it is a good pretext for some people to give vent to their anger by criticizing the country's leadership. If there is any exasperation against the United States, it is mainly because the United States is seen as the backer of the New Russians - the "Mercedes" public.

By the way, I always read The Moscow Times on public transport and I have never seen any frowns of found anyone glaring at me. Nor have I heard people cursing the United States. It is, rather, the political tricksters who are trying to divert people's anger from the hardships so as to use it for political purposes. But, in the final analysis, this anger turns against the ruling elite and, perhaps, the political tricksters themselves. It's good, of course, to express indignation at the bombings. It would also be good not to have to see poor elderly people looking for food in dustbins in the streets of Moscow.

Karren G. Danielyants