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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

CD Review

Real Crown Revue "The Contender"

(Warner Bros. Records/Soyuz)

These guys rock, I mean, they swing.

If there is anyone to blame for the attempted revival of World War II era swing craze in the States, it's this Los Angeles outfit.

This ain't no Armstrong, of course (although vocalist Eddie Nichols, pictured on the cover, does appear to have strong arms). But they really do deliver something that would make your ancestors grab for their martinis again.

Go buy this record for your Pa.

The Cranberries "Bury The Hatchet" (Island Records)

Oh, no. The blonde is shrieking again. A few of Dolores' Bury The Hatchet numbers and you won't be able to stop those zombifying vocal leaps ringing in your head, in your heeee-aaaad.

Somebody has to turn that O'Riordan off or at least make her eternally happy so she will stop selling her dark Irish tales to us all.

The bright side of it is that Miss Cranberry seems to have finally buried her sterile political sermons along with the hatchet. She now concentrates on the human side of things and the frequency of shrieks has dwindled compared to the three previous volumes released by the Limerick quartet.

The number of identical acoustic guitar intros remains alarmingly high, however, making you suspect there is something wrong with your juke box.

Los Amigos Invisibles "The New Sound of Venezuelan Gozadera"

(Luaka Bop/Soyuz)

The last thing you need to get you through the daily commute to work is this album.

The very first number performed by this six-member gang from Venezuela will make you shun your bread-earning obligations and cast aside your office for some hot scene of summer machoism.

And it's infectious. Just let your colleagues get a grip on this irresistible mixture of thick funk and wry Latin tunes and they'll rip their shirt collars open and swing out of this city jungle for good.

These CDs are on sale at the following Soyuz stores:

Vsesoyuzny, TsUM, 5th floor. Tel. 292-5902. M. Teatralnaya.

Salon Amadeus, GUM, 1st floor, 3rd line. Tel. 929-3344. M. Teatralnaya.

Perekryostok, Altufyevskoye Shosse, 40-D. Tel. 904-0118. M. Otradnoye.

- Simon Saradzhyan