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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

IZVESTIA (5/5/99)

The story comments on Kremlin special envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin's visit to Washington. and his meeting with US President Bill Clinton. Also covered by Kommersant Daily and Vremya MN.

A terrorist act was committed in Cherkessk (Karachayevo-Cherkessia) on May 2, when ill-wishers fired grenades at the house of the city mayor, Stanislav Derev, who was running for the post of the republic's president. The story also describes other terrorist acts on the eve of the elections. Also covered by Kommersant Daily.

According to reports from the Independent Analytical Center, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov's Otechestvo movement led public opinion polls in St. Petersburg in the end of April.

The Ebola virus is again raging in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, leaving many locals dead. Russian specialists, in 1995, developed a medicine to treat this dangerous disease and are willing to deliver it to Congo if needed.

The Hotel Moskva municipal enterprise will be transformed into a joint-stock company with 100 percent of its capital the property of City Hall.

The story reports on how the May Day holiday was celebrated in Moscow, where different parties and movements held festive marches.


Deceived depositors took the Central Banks to court and unexpectedly won the case.

A powerful blast shook a 9-story apartment house on Ulitsa Kulakova (Strogino). Fortunately , there were no casualties.

On May 14, British citizen Peter Llewellyn, 51, will begin his preparations for a space venture in the Mir space station in the Gagarin Cosmonauts' Training Center.

After a year-long absence due to a scandal involving the diplomaticresidences in Drozdy, American Ambassador to Belarus Daniel Speckhard arrived in Minsk. Speckhard intends to stay several days to back the opposition at the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for May 16.

The Moscow Regional Court has sentenced a Gypsy gang, the Albok brothers, to many long years in prison. In September 1996, in one week alone, they committed 14 armed attacks on elektrichkas, killed seven and wounded several other passengers.

The Elabuga (Tatarstan) auto factory last week suspended the production of Chevrolet Blazers.

The commission on financial and monetary-crediting policy is expected to hold a session next week to discuss a scheme for redistributing budget accounts among commercial banks. The commission may announce a tender, and in this case new authorized banks, which will do transactions of up to $7 billions a year. The story looks at the current changed situation with budget accounts.

The Transport Ministry has issued permission to the Ufa Repairs Tram-Trolleybus Zavod company, the third Russian trolleybus producer, to make trolleybuses with its own trade mark.


Rescuers found three 19-year-old students dead and another still missing in a cave in the Krasnoglinsky District of Samara. The speleology-lovers had decided to spend the May Day holiday in a cave.

Representatives from the Ekipazh searching group stated Tuesday that the government had decided to oust a unique exhibition of military machines from World War II on Poklonnaya Gora and had approved the construction of an entertainment center and a toll parking lot in its place.

The Voronezh Regional Duma is unsuccessfully struggle against a Moscow group of bandits, which has seized a small official guest house belonging to the Moscow regional administration and turned it into a brothel. The bandits warned that they would set the house on fire if officials try to fight for the property.

In an exclusive interview, Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov talks about his meetings with President Boris Yeltsin, about: his reaction to his high politicalratings, his attitude to the Otechestvo-All Russia union, the world crisis, his latest meeting with tycoon Boris Berezovsky, the latest and future possible personnel changes in the government, and his attitude toward the Balkan conflict.

The Russian-French Avtoframos auto joint venture has made its first sedan, Megan, last week with Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov's participation.

The fairy-tale love story between legendary traveler Fyodor Konyukhov and his Irina, whom he met in Sheremetyevo Airport before the start of his current around-alone yacht race. Also covered by Moskovsky Komsomolets.

KP correspondent Alexander Milkus will take part in a 8-month ground experiment to test the future crew for the International Space Station.

In an interview, Tsepruss Director General Boris Ovchinnikov, president of the Kaliningrad Industrialists' Union, talks about his successful enterprise , which makes paper napkins.

Kaliningrad Mayor Yury Savenko describes his positive efforts to back entrepreneurship in his region and his effective foreign economic contacts.


Due to frequent terrorist acts, GAI authorities have decided to use specially trained dogs in all Moscow GAI outposts.

The State Duma intends to consider a draft anti-smoking bill, which includes tough measures against smokers in offices and other public places .

Moscow police authorities late in April held special raids on all city police units to see how police officers looked. About 8,000 of them were strictly reprimanded for their untidy appearance.

The Moscow City Court has sentenced serial murderer Vladimir Kuzmin to a life imprisonment. In three months, he killed seven people, mostly women and teenagers.

The Moscow City Court has sentenced gangster Vladimir Tarasov, 30, to 15 years in prison on charges of murder and robbery in Germany and Russia.

Moscow medical experts have developed a new effective method of diagnosing TB.

In an interview, Agriculture Minister Viktor Semyonov talks about acute problems facing the economic sector. Semyonov focuses on private land ownership.

The Italian Merloni company, a leading producer of kitchen gas and electric stoves, has frozen its project of building a factory in Fryazino (Moscow region).

The first session of the Russian State Committee planning celebrations for the start of the next millennium is scheduled for mid-May.


Yugoslavia's President Slobodan Milosevic intends to make up with the West without help from Russia.

Nadezhda Sapronova, leader of the Women of Home Krasnoyarsk public and political movement, stated that her organization has started collecting signatures for conducting a referendum on removing governor Alexander Lebed from his post.

In his commentary on Kremlin special envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin's efforts to resolve the Balkans conflict, political analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky stresses that a UN army presence in Kosovo without NATO participation and with Russia in the dominating role will only exist on paper.

According to reports from the Economics Ministry, the inflation rate for the year is expected to stay at the level of 45 percent to 50 percent. Incidentally, its per month progress over the first four months has tended to decrease.

The strategy of the government in its work with the foreign debt was fully approved by Western creditors. This was stated by Finance Minister Mikhail Zadornov in Paris at the Russian-French financial forum.

The story highlights two stages of the exodus of businessmen from Inkombank, which not long ago was a leading bank in Russia.

The story describes a joint Russian-Ukrainian project to build an An-140 passenger jet, which began 15 years ago and which has been alive up to now. In February, the Aviakor company in Samara began to assemble the jet.


The story offers income declarations (for 1998) submitted by First Deputy Prime Minister Yury Maslyukov, Agriculture Minister Viktor Semyonov and Fuel and Energy MinisterSergei Generalov.

In an interview Prosecutor General Yury Skuratov assures that he is innocent, saying that key cases have greatly affected his personal fate: Mabetex, Andava-Aeroflot, TV journalist Listyev' murder and the Central Bank.

The newly-emergent all-Russia election bloc comprises influential leaders of republics and regions. This powerful force against the red revenge has drastically changed the alignment of political forces before the parliamentary and presidential elections - its success or failure will determine whether Communist rule will return to Russia. The story also provides information on the centrist movements and blocs.

International Monetary Fund Executive Director Michel Camdessus stated: "We are close to signing an agreement." This means that this summer the IMF will get together to see if Russia has honored all its conditions. The story focuses on these conditions.

Russia will present highly-regarded filmmaker Alexander Sokurov's film titled "Molokh" in the Cannes Film Festival scheduled for mid-May. The story reveals its content and main heroes. In an interview Alexander Sokurov talks about his film's major idea. Several politicians share their views on the film.

Psychologist Professor Vladimir Druzhinin, Deputy Director of the Psychology Institute, comments on the Belgrade situation: bombs fall on the city day and night, while residents are resolute not to take the war close to heart, living according to the principle - "We are being bombed, but we are dancing."

The Novospassky Bridge over the Moskva River, built in 1911 and having undergone capital renovation only once since then - in 1968 - will be closed for repairs between August 1, 1999 and October 1, 2000. The renovation project, hugely funded by the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development, will be carried out by an Italian firm.

More than 50 mayors from 33 Russian regions and 11 CIS and Baltic countries will arrive in Moscow in mid-May to attend the first international mayors' forum "For the Culture of the World in the Next Millennium" under the UNESCO aegis. The story highlights the upcoming event.

How do Western bankers view Russia after the August 17 financial crash? Are they willing to do business with their counterparts in Russia? In an interview Alexander Lebedev answers these and other questions.


On the threshold of a three-fold increase in gasoline excises, as per the demands of the International Monetary Fund, several provinces have spontaneously begun to raise fuel prices.

The rules for enrollment in state secondary special education establishments. Full text.

The annual Solzhenitsyn literary Prize has been awarded to poet Inna Lisnyanskaya. In an interview she talks about her poetry.

The Code of the Russian Merchant Marines (passed by the State Duma on March 31, 1999and approved by the Federation Council on April 22, 1999). Full text.


Though many essays have been devoted to Pushkin, several facts of his life are still disputed today, one of them being the place of his birth.

In an interview economist Mikhail Delyagin, senior research associate at the Globalization Problems Institute, answers the following questions: What awaits the world on the

threshold of the next millennium? What place will Russia take in it? Can Russia do without IMF credits?


A tenth Boeing-737 was added to the Aeroflot fleet on April 30. The jet will fly the Moscow-Milan and Moscow-Rome routes.

Anatoly Kucherena, Director of the Argument Lawyers' Agency of the Moscow City Lawyers' Collegium, talks about highly-regarded filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov as a worthy candidate for president in the next presidential elections.


The 126th Victory Day military parade will take place in Red Square on May 9 with 5,000 servicemen taking part.


Political observer Vasily Safronchuk gives an analysis of political and economic developments over the last week at home and abroad, focusing on NATO's continuing airstrikes against Yugoslavia, on Kremlin special envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin's efforts to solve the conflict and on Russia's chances of receiving an IMF credit.


A Chechen gunman, who asked to remain anonymas, from late Chechen President Dzhokhar Dudayev's entourage revealed the secret of the president's death.