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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


First Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Zadornov on Thursday made a sensational statement at the government session, saying that the Central Bank intends to refuse to hold two trading currency sessions at the Moscow Inter-Bank Currency Exchange. Also, a ban on foreign banks purchasing currency from ruble correspondent accounts will be lifted. The story comments on Zadornov's statement. (Also covered in Vremya MN)

The Flight Control Center has launched preparations for a so-called "unpiloted variant" of using the Russian Mir space orbital station. The story highlights the project. (Also covered in Kommersant Daily)

Reports from the Kaliningrad Regional Secret Intelligence Board say there is a large secret network of guides in Russia, who help illegal emigrants (often criminals ) from South-East Asia to move to Ukraine or to Asian republics. The story highlights this "business".

A government source said that a fierce struggle for control over the military-industrial complex (MIC) is going on between Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin and controversial tycoon Boris Berezovsky. The story examines the prime minister's first losses in this struggle.

The International Monetary Fund has refused to issue Belarus $100 million according to the program of emergency compensation funding. Minsk asked for this money last October as a compensation for the serious consequences of the Russian financial crisis for the Belarussian economy.

Russia, Belarus and the Baltic states on May 26 signed an agreement on parallel operation of their energy systems. The story reveals the essence of the document.

It's not excluded that Eduard Sagalayev, head of the TV-6 Moskva Channel, may initiate a new media holding. The story examines Sagalayev's latest statements about his plans.


The 1st Congress of the Pravoye Delo (Just Cause) coalition will take place Friday in Moscow's Column Hall of Trade Unions House. The congress is expected to declare Boris Nemtsov as the movement's leader. In an interview Nemtsov talks about the movement's attitude to the Stepashin Cabinet and to the Duma, about his view on Nikolai Aksyonenko's appointment to the post of first deputy prime minister and about his plans for the upcoming elections.

Sergei Khrushchev, son of the former Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, is expected to receive American citizenship on June 23. In America he will live together with his wife Valentina Golenko.

Mikhail Zurabov, former presidential adviser on social policy and close to Yeltsin's family, has been appointed head of the Pension Fund (200 billion rubles). In an interview he talks about the fund's present state and about his plans.

The story describes new unprecedented powers of GAI officers, which have been providedto them by the new legislative act that went into force yesterday.

Each taxpayer before the end of 2000 will receive a special identification number. This was stated yesterday by Deputy Tax Minister Dmitry Chernik. This registration procedure will add to the budget not less than 5 billion rubles ($200 million). The story details the project.

Kazakhstan's Prosecutor's Office this week has banned Tengizshevroil from extracting oil from seven bore-holes of the Tengiz deposit in Western Kazakhstan. The story says why.

The Moscow Arbitration Court has declared Imperial Bank bankrupt. Vyacheslav Medvedev has been appointed bank manager responsible for a competition procedure. The story describes the bank's future plans.

Thirteen Russian public relations companies on Wednesday announced their joining the ICO, a large international association of PR agencies. What will they gain from ICO membership?


In an interview former Satire Theater actor Igor Khristenko, 40, who is the voice for Boris Yeltsin in the NTV Kukly satirical program, talks about changes that the program has undergone lately. It is expected to reappear in the fall.

Highly-regarded psychologist Yury Gorny, who conducted many psychological experiments, reveals the secrets of such popular clairvoyants as Messing, Geller and legendary Bulgarian Vanga (also known as Vangeniya Gushcheva), who, during her mysterious prediction sessions, as Gorny says, followed instructions from the Bulgarian KGB.


Cabinet head Sergei Stepashin at the government session on Thursday was ready to tender his resignation but he did not do it, though he may take this step any moment. The story explains his behavior, saying that all politicians and journalists are scoffing at him with doubts whether he even has the power to appoint his own press secretary. (Also covered in Vremya MN)

Marina Adamenko, chief accountant of the Television Science-Popular Films Association, releasing such popular programs as " The Club of Travellers" and "In the World of Animals", was shot dead Wednesday in her apartment in Reutovo (Moscow region). The story describes how it happened.

An FSB sapper was killed during a laboratory test of an explosive device, which was found Monday unexploded near private garages on Altufyevskoye Shosse .

Moscow police officers have arrested a 23-year-old Muscovite Petrov (his name has been changed), who made porno cassettes and porno compact discs with children aged 8 to 14 years and sold his "products" to the West. The story reports on how Petrov was detained for 10 days so far.

The statue of Andrei Sakharov by American sculptor Pyotr Shapiro will be unveiled today in the building of the International University. The ceremony was timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the 1st Congress of People's Deputies and the creation of the Inter-Regional Deputy's Group, which Sakharov headed.


The indictment of Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic has complicated the search for a political solution to the Kosovo conflict. Moscow responds to the indictment. Also covered by Segodnya.

In an interview Oleg Korolyov, chairman of a Federation Council provisional commission on the Skuratov case, comments that the commission is concerned above all with improving legislation rather than with the Prosecutor General's personal case. He also speaks about his agency's cooperation with the Interior Ministry.

The Balkan war may lead to ecological catastrophe in the region after NATO airstrikes on 30 chemical facilities in Yugoslavia, which have caused leaks of dangerous substances.

Political scientist Viktor Gushchin notes that today, Russia is no longer a full-fledged federal state, because it lacks an ideology to govern the strategy and tactics of state building. Gushchin also notes that there are many prerequisites showing that the upcoming elections may only accelerate a complete collapse of Russia as a federal state.

One story comments on a draft law concerning the media in Kazakhstan that its parliament is expected to consider soon. The story features the responses of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's mission to the law.

In an interview journalist Zhanna Litvina speaks about the situation of the media in Belarus and about Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko's attitude to them.

Literary critic Anna Verbiyeva reviews five literary journals for April f novels, critical articles and writers.


The Audit Chamber has inspected the financial activities of the Agriculture Ministry to see how budget funds are spent in this sector of the economy. Facts and figures illustrate several serious violations.

One story examines LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky's chances of winning the gubernatorial elections in the Belgorod region scheduled for this Sunday.


One story highlights a strategic plan for the Pushkin jubilee celebrations during which government officials and party leaders will attend places associated with Pushkin in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

President Boris Yeltsin and his "family" have scored impressive victories lately, which are mentioned here, that are dangerous not for Russia, of course, but for the "family" itself. Political analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky addresses several significant questions about the strange behavior Yeltsin's team.

Oleg Sysuyev, deputy chief of the presidential administration, is quitting his Kremlin post in early June, saying that he is unwilling to work in the administration any longer and wants to participate in the election campaign as its organizer. The story highlights thecandidacy of ORT Director-General Igor Shabdurasulov to replace Sysuyev in the presidential administration.

The Permanent Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe yesterday passed an appeal to PACE member-states calling on them to abolish the death penalty. This call above all concerns Albania, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. The story comments on the issue


At its first session yesterday, the Cabinet approved a draft statement concerning economic and structural policy in 1999. The story examines the document's priorities.

A list of the newly-appointed Cabinet members with four ministerial vacancies is given.

The politicking games with the so-called presidential elections have ended in Belarus. The story gives the major results and conclusions.

In exchange for debts owed by Nicaragua, Russia may take part in the construction of a new canal between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The story highlights the project.

Russian borderguards Friday were celebrating the Day of Border Guards. The Russian border troops remain on the territory of seven CIS countries, in accordance with mutual treaties. The story features their duties.


In an interview Nikolai Volkov, a criminal investigator at the Prosecutor General's Office, reveals new facts he has managed to discover during his investigation into two criminal cases f on corrupt officials from the State Statistics Committee and on the Aeroflot case.

The Orthodox Church on Sunday will celebrate Pentecost. The story reports on how this religious holiday originated in Russia and how it is traditionally marked here.


In an interview on the occasion of the Day of Border Guards, marked on Friday, Konstantin Totsky, director of the State Border Service, gives facts and figures to illustrate the present state of the Russian frontiers.

Sergei Kurginyan, director of the International Public Fund, the Kurginyan Center, offers 18 arguments dismissing the myths surrounding President Boris Yeltsin's imbecility and inability to function as head of state.