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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


The recent regrouping of political forces has radically changed the attitude of the State Duma opposition to the Primakov Cabinet. Only couple of weeks ago the opposition spoke about the Communists' distancing themselves from the prime minister's government. Now, the KPRF, the Agrarians and the Popular Rule again support the Cabinet, notes the commentary on the Security Council's session on Friday.

The Tax Ministry in January managed to add to the federal budget 19.33 billion rubles in revenues. This was stated at the ministry's session on Feb. 5. The story turns attention to several serious discrepancies in tax collection figures provided by several agencies.

The State Duma Friday instructed its CIS Affairs and Security committees to prepare a State Duma draft appeal to President Boris Yeltsin and CIS heads of state, recommending that they release CIS Executive Secretary from his post. A similar article appears in MK.

Tatarstan's President Mintimer Shaimiyev was hospitalized last week because of high blood pressure.

Four girls and two boys (aged 8-14 years) in the Syamzha village (Vologda region) declared a hunger strike in solidarity with their mothers, who have failed to receive allowances for the children for several months.

This story reports on how the Narymneft tanker with a 25-men crew and 160 tons of petrol in its containers has been trapped in the claws of ice for nearly a month in the Bering Sea near the eastern shores of Kamchatka. Nevertheless, its captain has rejected help from the Emergency Situations Ministry. The story says why.

The Moscow government is likely to prepare for a wide-scale offensive on the military-industrial front. With this aim in view, it plans to place under its control state-owned stock packages of the most promising enterprises of the domestic defense sector. Above all, the story points to the Sukhoy aviation complex, in which Moscow authorities intend to buy 25 percent plus one share of stock. The story reveals the plan.

Tver deputy governor Viktor Volkov has been sentenced to nine years in prison for bribery in the Russian-Bulgarian joint venture. This is the first time the Russian state bureaucrat of such a high rank has been charged for graft.

Political extremism with fascism as its currently dominating form may quickly turn from a well-sold commodity into state ideology if federal authorities continue to ignore their impudent acts. Such is a conclusion drawn by political observer Andrei Kolesnikov, giving facts about numerous unpunished actions by neo-fascists.

This story reports on how the tax police service is trying to restore its image of the agency defending the state interests, which has been discredited by a wide-scale campaign staged recently by mass media immediately after well-known entrepreneur Sergei Lisovsky and his show business partners were accused of evading taxes. So-called "public defenders" of tax evaders considerably complicate the job of tax police. The story gives facts to illustrate the point.

Anatoly Kucherena, director of the Argument Lawyers' Agency of the Moscow City Collegium of Lawyers, offers facts featuring arbitrary rulings by the tax police. Kucherena notes in conclusion that the tax police exist on taxpayers' money and should defend their interests. Why the tax police mock ordinary citizens is discussed and one theory is they do it for money.

The Supreme Court on Feb.4 rejected the lawsuit filed by former Vladivostok Mayor Viktor Cherepkov, who wanted the court to cancel the president's resolution of Dec. 11, which released him from the post and appointed Yury Kopylov Acting Mayor. The story points to another way returning Cherepkov to his former high city seat.

Expert political analyst Nikita Kirichenko offers his analysis of Yevgeny Primakov-Boris Berezovsky aggravated relations, focusing on several factors, which have changed their characters.

Feb. 10 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of Vsevolod Meyerhold, a brilliant artistic director and a world-renown figure in the theatrical art of the 20th century. Valery Fokin, director of the Meyerhold Center of Creative Endeavour, who will open the center on Feb. 10, talks about Meyerhold's great contribution to Russian and world theater.

The Theater of Emotional Drama has emerged in Moscow. The story features its artistic director Leonid Krasnov and his first productions.

Television observer Irina Petrovskaya fiercely criticizes scandalous Sergei Dorenko. host of the ORT Saturday Vremya analytical program, who on order from his patron Boris Berezovsky, tried to discredit Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov before President Boris Yeltsin.


The ORT conflict between Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov and ORT private shareholder Boris Berezovsky has gone beyond the borders of Russia. The alignment of forces in this struggle may drastically change in the near future: the fact is that Boris Berezovsky is conducting negotiations with Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch on selling 20 percent of ORT stock. The story reveals the essence of the conflict and the negotiations.

The Samara police found bugging equipment and devices in the office of Alexander Komrakov, editor-in-chief of the Samarskoye Obozreniye newspaper and his first deputy Andrei Fyodorov, KD special correspondent in Samara. Unidentified criminals not only listened to the journalists' conversations but also broadcast them in the FM meterbands. The story details the

Federal Tax Police Service Director Sergei Almazov, speaking in the State Duma Friday, admitted that tax police officers take bribes. The story gives facts and figures to illustrate numerous corruption cases in the service.

Reports from the Auditing Chamber show that approximately 30 percent of the social budget goes to fund state bureaucrats' own personal needs. The story gives facts and other figures to prove the point.

In an exclusive interview, St. Petersburg Governor Vladimir Yakovlev speaks about his conflict with his ex-allies from the Yabloko local branch and its leader Vice-Governor Igor Artemeyev, who accused Yakovlev of violating the coalition agreements and unfair play against Yabloko at the recent city elections.

A personnel reshuffle is expected to occur Feb. 8 in the Moscow City Tax Service. Gennady Bukayev, former head of the Bashkir Tax Service, will be appointed its boss.

The OKA sedan (VAZ-11113) will acquire a new look soon. The AvtoVAZ technical council in late January endorsed a new design for OKA. The story looks at its major qualities.

The Ukrainian government has suspended payments on the internal state loan bonds belonging to Ukrainian commercial banks. The "partial" default, as local analysts call it, has not so far delayed payments to Russian enterprises. Nevertheless, representatives from Russian firms doing business in Ukraine believe that it may happen in the near future.

Vodka production is to increase drastically this year, amounting to 150 million decaliters a year. This was stated Friday byViktor Berestovoi, chief of the State Alcohol Monopoly Board of the Tax Ministry. The story features plans of the tax service in this year.

Moscow and Yaroslavl police have released from Chechen captivity Yevgeny Pleskanovsky, manager of the Tagansky branch of the Moscow Industrial Bank, who spent four months as a hostage of Chechen bandits. The latter demanded a $5 million ransom for him. A similar article appears in MK.

The Moscow Prosecutor's Office on filmmaker Yury Kara's demand has resumed the criminal proceedings against the Tamp producers' firm, which has lost his film "Master and Margarita. The story details the case.

St. Petersburg police late last week arrested Yevgeny Fyodorov, deputy chief of the Pulkovo Customs Office, on charges of abusing power. The story looks at his crime.

A display (and also competition) of designs of statues devoted to outstanding Russian architect Vasily Bazhenov is on now at the Russian Academy of Art. The winning statue will be unveiled in August in the center of Moscow near the Pashkov House. In an interview, Academy Director Zurab Tsereteli, head judge of the competition, speaks about the competition.

The American rock group "Garbage" Wednesday gave a concert in St. Petersburg, the only concert in Russia. The story features its great commercial and artistic success.

Specialists from the Bakh Bio-Chemistry Institute together with their British colleagues have managed to solve one of the key riddles of Tuberculosis:identifying the hidden form of its pathogenic organism, "Kokh bacillus." The story features this great achievement.


This story features living conditions in three Moscow prisons --Butyrka, Lefortovo and Matrosskaya Tishina and the corruption that goes on inside.

In an exclusive interview, criminal investigator Pyotr Triboi of the Prosecutor General's Office, who is investigating the murder of television journalist Vlad Listyev, who was killed four years ago, talks about the case, explaining major reasons behind unsuccessful attempts to solve it.

This story reports on how Moscow police officers beat their victims, doing it in compliance with Point 15 of the Law on Police.

Anatoly Kucherena, member of the City Collegium of Lawyers, explains how a victim of police brutality should react.

Sergei Kiriyenko, leader of the Novaya Sila (New Force) public and political movement, has created a working group to prepare for his elections to the post of Moscow mayor. The story looks at the group's task.

The most effective means of protecting oneself from the flu is a special medical anti-flu mask, which costs 1.5 rubles in city pharmacies. The story looks at the raging flu epidemic in Moscow. A similar article appears in MK.

Occult specialists say that old unconsecrated cemeteries, which now house new apartment buildings and playgrounds, pose a grave danger. The story gives several facts illustrating the point.

Moscow Zoo will be celebrating its 135th anniversary on Feb. 13. The story features the zoo's valuable residents and zookeepers, who are doing everything in their power to make their animals happy.


Moscow archaeologists have found a 16th-century brick stove and many other kitchen utensils in the yard of the old building of Moscow University on Makhovaya Ulitsa.

The Moscow government made a decision to make artificial slopes in the city for downhill skiing. The story reveals the project.

A Muscovite, who threw his dog from the 10th-floor balcony, is facing a court trial soon. The story details the case.