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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

THE WORD'S WORTH: Veteran Traveler Finds Packing Is Her Problem

There are few things I enjoy more than traveling, but there is something about a ?*??ІЖ__?* _Ж????*_Ѓ*, or suitcase frame of mind, that fills me with dread.

For some, the anticipation of choosing the right travel attire, checking and rechecking for passport, visa and ticket and making sure the camera is loaded with film is as exciting as the vacation itself.

Take, for example, the Russian tendency to ???ЃІ*?" _Ж І???ґЩ?, or to sit before the journey. This is one of those delightful cultural traditions when friends and relatives come to see you off, or ?????ґЖ?" ?*∞?, before departure.

When everything has been assembled and you are ready to go, you and your well-wishers take a moment to sit for a moment of silence - sometimes on your suitcases - to ensure a safe journey.

However, this safety net can be undone if you make the mistake of going back into the house if you, the traveler, have forgotten something. This is considered to bring back luck.

To play it safe, don't go back. Send back one of the ?????ґЖ"?Ѓ*, or escorts, instead.

But for me, the ?*??ІЖ__?* _Ж????*_Ѓ* is not associated with cheerful anticipation, but with ??ЖЩ, or gloom. All those last- minute preparations may fill others with glee, but they are enough to ?-∞Ѓ?" ?*_? Ѓ" ?*І...Ж, or, quite literally, to knock me out of the saddle.

More figuratively speaking, the pre-departure flutters tend to disturb my peace of mind.

Why, if I love the act of traveling, I ask myself, should I find the advance legwork so loathsome? I have two working theories.

The first may be, I am ashamed to admit, that I have a rather І-???Ж? L?...??Ж, or holey head. In other words, there is something about the suitcase mood that brings on the forgetful or absentminded side of me.

This is usually the time that my bathing suit suddenly vanishes into thin air, ЩЖЩ ?*???? ?І?...?, or as if the wind blew it away.

Documents also have a tendency to disappear, ЩЖЩ Щ????Ж ?"-Щ?? ?...Ѓ"Ж...Ж, or as if a cow licked them away with her tongue.

My other working theory is that my travel plans are always made too spontaneously to savor the moment - or _Ж?...ЖґІЖ©?? ???*_??? - of imminent departure.

Indeed, on the average, I tend to decide less than a week before departure to Щ?ІЖ-?? ?Ж?_??". While in this context ?Ж?_??"" means to take off, or travel, the verb literally means to wave, as in to wave good-bye.

With so little advance warning, there is barely enough time to "Ж?Ѓ?_??" ?І*ґІ? ? ???ЩЃ, or cram some clothes into a bag - much less to sit on my suitcases.