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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

MAILBOX: Columns Canceled, Columns Refuted and More

Editor's Note: "Season of Discontent," the weekly column by political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky that debuted in The Moscow Times on Jan. 23, 1998, will no longer be appearing in this paper, by the author's choice. The following is a letter from the author in response to the decision not to run his Nov. 11 column.


You held my column not because you censored it. You held it back for a much worse reason. I have long suspected that you are not a very sophisticated person.

My article was published Nov. 11 in Novaya Gazeta and was a sensational success precisely because it reproduced a portion of my Moscow Times column of July 16, 1998.

By reprinting it, I demonstrated how more than a year ago I predicted in astonishing detail the course of events in Russia.

I did it not to advertise myself, but to give more credibility to my sense of history and consequently to my prediction of further developments, which I also gave in my Thursday column.

Any serious editor would be only proud to publish an article validating his own paper's predictions given a year ago. But you dared to accuse me of trying to cheat you out of an additional fee for "an old column."

You are a terrible fool, Mr. Editor.

Andrei Piontkovsky

Column Was Unfair

In response to Fyodor Gavrilov's column "TV Horrors Lay Basis for a Fascist Future," Nov. 19.


I am writing to reply to Fyodor Gavrilov's column in which I am called an "incomprehensible American" who offers no proof of what he says about Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov.

If Gavrilov would check with the television station or the Interior Ministry or the Federal Security Service in Moscow, he would get all the proof he needs, as I and many others have given it too these agencies. If they don't show what has been given to them, it is not my fault, but I have given the information to all who have requested it directly. If Gavrilov had checked any of the facts, I think he would never have written this article.

Jeff Olsen

Los Angeles

Critics Go Home

In response to editorial "Let's Have Talks, Not Vague Talk," Nov. 12.


I see little point in giving detailed comments on your Nov. 12 editorial. Its bias and its provocative language leave little doubt as to the true motives of its authors. Just understand this simple fact: After NATO's three-month bombing of Yugoslavia, all the Western whining about civilian casualties in Chechnya is falling on deaf ears here.

Quite frankly, an overwhelming majority of the Russian public is disgusted with western hypocrisy on this issue. We no longer care what you have to say.

Dmitry Zabolotsky


Don't Blame Russia

In response to "Yeltsin Takes Russia's Case to the West," Nov. 18.


I think it is pathetic the European meatheads can do nothing more than condemn Russia for fighting hoodlums. They need to be condemning the radical Islamic cutthroats behind it.

Clifford Cusick

Wichita, Kansas

Moscow's the Best

In response to recent media lashings of Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov.


I am what is called a true Muscovite. My great-grandmother was born in Moscow and spent her whole life here. My grandmother and my mom were also born in Moscow. Finally, I was born here too.

The reason why I chose to write this is that I really love and care for this city. After the apartment building bombings, we all heard some negative opinions about the Moscow government.

It makes me sick how people have such perfect timing with their criticisms of the mayor. I could not understand this after he has so much is done for our city.

Ten years ago this city was not a real capital. Only after Yury Luzhkov became mayor did Muscovites witness real changes in this city.

In 1995 Moscow celebrated the 50th anniversary of Victory Day with the opening of The Park of Victory, with its fountains, its wonderful views and the Victory statue. In 1997, Moscow celebrated its 850th birthday in grand style. It was a wonderful, well organized celebration with many surprises like the opening of Manezh Square.

Moscow's mayor also reconstructed the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, a long-awaited achievement of architects, painters and sculptors. From anywhere in the center of town Muscovites and tourists can see this beautiful cathedral in all its splendor. Also, in the past few years we have seen the development of world-class hotels, which have helped the development of the business and political community of the capital.

We wouldn't have such a wonderful city without Mayor Luzhkov. It is like a country within a country, with its own government and its own life.

Yekaterina Gladkova,


Where's The Far Side?

In response to the discontinuation of "The Far Side" comic strip.


Would you please return Gary Larson's "The Far Side" to your newspaper? I really love it. It's the first thing I would read when I picked up The Moscow Times. As a result, I would start the working day in a good mood.

Yelena Frolova