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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


Chizh i Kompaniya Nechego Teryat

Solid Records

There's a word in Russian - choosh - that sounds a lot like Chizh. Choosh is slang, meaning garbage, rubbish or generally dreadful stuff. Choosh. Chizh. This cannot possibly be a coincidence.

Witness the following excerpt from the title song of Chizh and Company's "Nothing to Lose:"

"Her name is Nastya. She writes poetry and lives on a river... She's waiting for her airplane."

So deep. It reminds me of a rhyme I wrote in seventh grade. That rhyme won first prize in the county-wide writing competition and was published in that month's edition of the Eastern Pennsylvania Grammar School Times. That's all very nice, but it doesn't change the fact that the poem was unqualified hooey that deserved what it got - to be eternally damned to obscurity, buried under a 135-kilogram pile of '70s-era Highlights magazines in a forgotten corner of a rural school library. And, of course, there's the autographed copy my mother keeps in an air-tight viewing case, but I digress...

The album isn't universally awful - there are a few tunes on the album that make perfectly satisfactory background music, but shabby entertainment if you've nothing else to occupy your brain. Nevertheless, it's destined for the same scrap heap that claimed "Ode to Luke and Laura, a Requiem in Eight Parts."

- Sunny Bosco