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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

SEGODNYA (19/10/99)

The Central Election Commission yesterday registered the election list of the Spas movement, headed by Alexander Barkashov, leader of Russian National Unity, or RNE, an extreme right-wing party. CEC head Alexander Veshnyakov stated that his commission has no right to assess the ideology of any movement or bloc. "It's the Justice Ministry that is responsible for RNE's ideology and compliance with the Constitution," Veshnyakov noted. This was also covered in Kommersant Daily and Vremya MN.

In an interview State Duma Deputy Alexander Shokhin, who on Sep. 20 predicted President Boris Yeltsin's resignation on Oct. 20, explains his miscalculation, reflecting on the further fate of the president and his possible successor.

The State Duma today is expected to overcome the president's veto on the amendments to the law on insurance in Russia. The aim of the amendments is to limit Western insurance companies' access to the Russian market, which is valued at $6 billion a year. The question of whether or not the Western companies should be allowed to insure Russians' lives over a long period of time was hotly debated. The story examines several viewpoints on the issue. This story was also reported in Kommersant Daily.

The Moscow city branch of the Federal Security Service reported yesterday that their officers have arrested three Defense Ministry officials accused of looting equipment from the Ramenskoye instrument factory. The story details the crime.

The Moscow police on Oct. 18 were placed on alert combat duty because of threats from Chechen field commanders, who promise to commit new terrorist acts on the territory of Russia. The order to intensify security has been signed by Moscow police chief Nikolai Kulikov. The story comments on this measure.

Monday's session of the Transport Ministry collegium, anticipating serious Y2K problems, has decided to suspend the movement of all trains in the Moscow metro for 10 minutes on New Year's Eve. The story explains the details of the measure.

Former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov on Monday launched his presidential campaign during a visit to Kazan. The story singles out his pronouncements concerning the treaty on dividing powers between Russia and Tatarstan.

A story comments on decisions made Monday at the session of the Russian Football Union that summed the national team's results in the European Football Championship-2000.

G-8 Interior and Justice ministers are expected to meet Tuesday for a two-day session to discuss acute problems of crime and terrorism. The article explores what Moscow expects from the session? This meeting was also covered by Vremya MN.

A story describes actions taken by Chinese authorities to prevent two Chinese dissidents from winning the last Nobel Peace Prize of the century.

Political analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky harshly criticizes Russia for its absurd efforts to merge with Belarus. The author uses strong language to persuade his readers that such a merger must not take place. His commentary also appeared in Vremya MN.

A story examines candidates on the Unity bloc's election list that were registered this week.

The McKinsey Global Institute and the Moscow branch of the McKinsey Company have made an in-depth analysis of the Russian economy focusing on reasons behind its low efficiency. The story explains their main conclusions.


The Central Election Commission yesterday finalized a list of 32 election parties and blocs that need to produce documents necessary for final registration before Oct. 24. The first stage of the election campaign that started on Aug. 19 has been completed. The story examines its results.

Vremya MN journalist Dmitry Balburov, who went to Chechnya three weeks ago and who had to come back a week ago, has disappeared.

Pavel Borodin, head of the Kremlin household affairs directorate, hates theidea of participating in the upcoming mayoral elections in Moscow, but he will be forced to do it in order to distract votes from Mayor Yury Luzhkov. The story says Luzhkov's inner circle is sure of this. The story comments on the issue.

Dzhony Pirtskhalishvili, chief of the Georgian General Staff on Monday made a sensational statement accusing UN observers, who were released in Abkhazia last week, of spying. The story details the scandal.

Suspended Prosecutor General Yury Skuratov on Monday decided to return to his office to resume work. With this aim in view, he demanded that acting Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov provide him with access to the building. Skuratov also asked Federation Council Speaker Yegor Stroyev to help him return to his office.

The Tax Ministry last week decided to confiscate the property of the UES national power grid for evading taxes. The story says what the company intends to do in this complicated situation.

The world Euro MBA Tour forum Monday, for the first time in the past six years, made a stopover in Moscow. Representatives from about 40 of the best business schools in the world have arrived in Moscow. The story features the forum and its program in Moscow.

A story examines three variants to decide what to do with the SBS-AGRO. Russian banking Monday were unable to come to agreement on its fate.

The Board of Directors of the Chelyabinsk Mechel Combine last week endorsed a resignation of its director, General Igor Toporishchev. The resignation was caused by great influence on the combine's policy by its actual owner - the Swiss-based Glencore International company. The story comments on the issue.