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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Friday, September. 25, 1998.


The story focuses on the unemployment problem, which this month has grown to alarming levels in Russia. According to data from the Labor Ministry, the number of officially registered unemployed people amounted to 1.9 million as of Sept. 20. And what is the situation in Moscow?

The worldwide satellite communications system is bugged by the American secret intelligence services, with information gathered being used in the interests of economic spying. This was stated by specialists from the European Parliament Scientific and Technological Progress Assessment Committee. If the allegations are true, it will cause a great scandal between governments of the New and the Old Worlds. The story comments on the statement.

Amendments should be introduced to all election laws before the end of this year with the aim of removing all possible contradictions. This is the stand shared by Alexander Ivanchenko, head of the Central Election Commission. The story looks at several proposed amendments.

The story features the final stages of the election campaigns in Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok and the Yamal Nenets constituencies. The elections for various offices are scheduled there for Sep. 27.

The Kalmykia Court yesterday began to consider a murder case of several suspects in the killing of Larisa Yudina, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Sovetskaya Kalmykia. The story details the case.

State Duma Deputy Andrei Nikolayev, former director of the Federal Border Service, has become very active in his searches of political allies. The story looks at his successful efforts and results.

It's obvious that State Duma deputies intend to realize their long-cherished dream f to turn Russia into a parliamentary republic, leaving the president with only ceremonial functions. Political observer Maxim Sokolov comments on their efforts in this direction.

Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov on Sept. 30 is to visit Minsk. In his telephone conversation with Belarus President Lukashenko, Primakov stressed that Belarus is the first CIS country he will visit in his new role.


The Moscow tax police seem to have found a way to deal with non-payments: They began to institute criminal proceedings against banks (small and medium-size so far) that have failed to make tax payments for their clients.

The newspaper Sovetsky Sport has undergone serious personnel changes f the newspaper now has a new editor-in-chief and owner (it belongs now to the Moskovskaya Nedvizhimost company).

Former head of the Central Bank Sergei Dubinin will become deputy head of the Gazprombank board of directors. Thestory says that it's not clear so far what issues Dubinin will tackle within the bank.

How does the sales tax work in six cities and region? The story stresses that having imposed this tax, regional authorities themselves are encouraging skyrocketing prices.

The story looks at the raging wildfires on Sakhalin, which is threatened with an environmental disaster. Facts and figures illustrate the point.

During their investigation of the so-called statisticians' criminal case, prosecutors found that the suspects had sold information not only to commercial companies but to state-owned agencies as well, among them was FAPCI. Suspects Lieutenant Colonel Borovoi and Major Surov are officers of FAPCI. The story details the case.

Galina Starovoiteva, leader of the Democratic Russia Party, intends to run for the governor's seat in the Leningrad region. She said keeping Zhirinovsky from gaining office is what compelled her to run.

The anti-crisis program authored by Central Bank head Viktor Gerashchenko, who stated that the dollar will cost ten rubles, is printed in full text.

Report by Finance Minister Mikhail Zadornov at the government session Sep. 24, in which the acting minister looks at the current state of money circulation and the system of settlements, suggesting measures to overcome the crisis in the financial-banking system.

Pension Fun Director Vasily Barchuk told a government session about the situation with pension payments in Russia, facts and figures included.

Unidentified attackers yesterday seriously beat Rustam Shaimov, a close friend of the Lev Rokhlin family, saying that "it was their last warning to the deceased general's daughter and son-in-law.

The Alyuminprodukt company has won the tender for selling 6.15 percent of state-owned stock from the Sayany Aluminum Plant. The company is part of the Sibirsky Aluminum group.

The imposing of the obligatory sale of 50 percent of currency earnings has lead to the expected result: Exporters began hiding part of the their currency from the state, which, in turn, has made the decision to toughen its control through applying the 1992-1993 codes. The story looks at the measure.

Sberbank will begin paying its new clients on Nov. 29. Will it have enough money to pay to all those who have transferred their savings from commercial banks? In an interview Valentina Biryukova, deputy head of the Sberbank Moscow branch, and Marina Shashkova, Director of the Sberbank Deposits Section, answer this and other questions.

In an interview the Alfa Bank deputy head and the Rossiisky Kredit bank head talk about their current clients servicing.


Should President Yeltsin resign? What do you think of Viktor Chernomyrdin as future president? Do you support the Primakov Cabinet? Would you like to join the government? Will you pay taxes to the federal budget? Who deals with the economic issues in your region? Do you help release Russian POWs in Chechnya? What is happening to Russia today? In an interview Krasnoyarsk governor Alexander Lebed answers these questions.

Three nude young girls with posters proclaiming "Only Animals Should Wear Fur" were protesting yesterday at the entrance to the Exhibition "Fur-98," which opened in the Krasnaya Presnya Exhibition Hall.

In her new novel about show business entitled "Requiem," detective writer Alexandra Marinina features characters that readers claim have been inspired by prima donna Alla Pugachyova and her husband Filipp Kirkorov. The novel has caused a sensation.

In an interview, MTV Rossiya Director Boris Zosimov speaks about his television channel designed for young people.

In an interview, businessman Sergei Lisovsky, a show and advertising business magnate, says that he will run for a seat in the lower house of parliament. He also speaks about the behavior of many businessmen during the current crisis situation in Russia.


The Moscow regional sanitary administration stated that a patient infected with Astrakhan dappled fever was registered in the Ramensky District of the region. This exotic diseasehas never been diagnosed there before.

Twenty-two thousand army soldiers and Interior Ministry officers are helping farmers this year gather the harvest in the Moscow and other regions. Is it legal to use army troops in this agricultural campaign? Under what conditions do they live? How much money will they earn? The Prosecutor General's Office decided to conduct a thorough check to answer all these questions.

Mayor Yury Luzhkov has ordered that all low quality food be sent to the Durov Animal Theater, where animal "actors" don't have enough food due to the crisis.

Hazing has grown considerably in the army today. In an interview General Kulakov, who heads the education department in the Defense Ministry talks about this evil.