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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

June 9, 1998.


Russia and racism, Russia and fascism -- these notions today exist side by side, while only yesterday they were viewed as incompatible. There are many neo-fascist and racist organizations in Russia today, and the authorities are ignoring this factor, pretending that nothing serious is happening in the country. What should they and the president do in this case? There is no answer so far. The president has no right to keep silent in this situation, otherwise his inaction may be viewed as a demonstration of the power's helplessness before the face of extremists.

The article highlights the neo-fascist party, the Russian National Unity, which today is very actively seeking to win seats in the State Duma in parliamentary elections next year. The party has branches in Russia's 64 provinces. What are their tasks, principles and short-term program?

Leaders from 130 countries have gathered in New York for a special session of the UN General Assembly to consider measures with the aim of halting the spread of drugs and cracking down on illegal drug dealers. Russia is represented by its deputy foreign minister.

The Moscow Airport Vnukovo these days looks like a Gypsy camp, with crowds of air passengers waiting for the departure of their planes, whose flights are delayed for four to five hours. The official reason for the delays and canceled flights is the poor technical state of planes. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

The official opening ceremony of the 11th International Tchaikovsky Musical Contest with 532 participants will take place today in the Grand Hall of the Conservatory. The present event will mark the 40th anniversary of the contest. Its organizers have introduced several novelties that are revealed in an interview by Liana Isakadze, head of the Violinists' Jury. Also covered in Finansoviye Izvestia, Noviye Izvestia and Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

Tatarstan's President Mintimer Shaimiyev has signed a law on a free economic zone Alabuga, which will emerge on the territory of the Yelabuga car factory.

The Prosecutor's Office in the Kemerovo region on Monday handed over to the regional court a criminal case of Leninsk-Kuznetsky Mayor Gennady Konyakhin, who is accused of illegal privatization. Also covered in Kommersant Daily and Noviye Izvestia.

Through his decrees on Monday, President Boris Yeltsin made appointments in the Security Council. Thus Vyacheslav Mikhailov became its first deputy secretary. Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Segodnya and Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

A national referendum on the issue of animal cloning experiments was held in Switzerland last Sunday. Preliminary results show that 70 percent of the Swiss population spoke against the ban on such experiments, which are proceeding there on a large scale. And what is the cloning situation like in Russia?

The government has taken the first practical step to normalize regional finances and regulate paying wages to state budget workers. Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko has signed a decree finalizing a typical form of agreements with regions. The government is ready to postpone regions' loan payments in exchange for certain conditions. What are they?

Two-hundred and fifty private houses have been partially flooded yesterday in the city of Blagodarny in the Stavropol region due to heavy showers. Residents had to leave their homes.

The article highlights the elections to the City Assembly, which were held in Makhachkala on June 7. Their specific feature was that they were based on the nationality basis.

A court trial of Colonel General Vladimir Ruzlyaev, former commander of the Caucasian special border district, lasted for nine days in Pyatigorsk, southern Russia. Ruzlyaev was accused of arbitrary rule, brutal beatings and insults of soldiers. The court has declined all accusations against him. Did the local mafia help him?

The story talks about President Boris Yeltsin's recent meeting of with leading Russian businessmen, calling it the summit of the Big Ten. The author states that the instinct of survival has made the power and entrepreneurs meet each other half way.

On Monday Ukrainian cruise ship Taras Shevchenko with 530 passengers on board anchored in the Bulgarian port of Varna. The passengers demanded the Mediterranean cruise they were promised, which they had paid thousands of dollars for to travel agencies. The agencies promised them a paradise. What happened? Why did the captain refuse to continue the voyage? Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Noviye Izvestia and Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Lev Makarevich, expert from the Association of Russian Banks, presents his in-depth analysis of the situation on the financial market. The story says that another wave of the crisis may hit Russia this summer. Also covered in Finansoviye Izvestia.


State Tax Service chief Boris Fyodorov personally selected the first eight top Russians for his list of 1,000 well-known and wealthy taxpayers.

The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church is expected to hold a session Tuesday at 11 a.m. in the Danilov Monastery to finally decide whether the Church will take part in the ceremonial burial of the remains of tsar Nicholas II and his family. At a personal meeting Friday, President Boris Yeltsin and Patriarch Alexy II decided they would not attend the ceremony.

Interior Minister Sergei Stepashin has signed a directive on reforming the State Traffic Inspectorate, or GAI, attached to the Interior Ministry. GAI officers, however, say that despite the minister's orders, there won't be any serious changes in the work of their agency.

President Boris Yeltsin has taken to Germany seven ministers from the new Cabinet, who will conduct negotiations with their German counterparts, while Yeltsin meets with his friend German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Yeltsin promised to give them marks at the end and fire those ministers, who will get bad or satisfactory marks.

Excerpts from a large interview that President Boris Yeltsin gave to German magazine Spiegel before his departure to Bonn.

The legendary British group The Rolling Stones has announced its decision on canceling four concerts in Britain within the framework of its "Bridges to Babylon European Tour."

Policeman Mikhail Lavrukhin was killed in Dolgoprudny, near Moscow, on Sunday during a police raid intended to catch drug dealers.

Grigory Lerner, head of the First Russian-Israeli Financial Co., who in April was sentenced to six years in jail on charges of bribery and financial fraud, will spend another two years in prison, because he cannot pay the large fine.

The TV-Center consortium, created by the Moscow government, is celebrating its first birthday Tuesday. In an interview, its director, Boris Vishnyak, talks about the scandal at the TEFI ceremony and about his relations with Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov.

A source from the Central Bank leadership stated that Alexander Khandruyev, its deputy head, has tendered his resignation. Most likely he will take up the post of pro-rector of the National Economy Academy.

St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport may become Aeroflot's new transit point for flights from southeast Asia to West-European countries. Aeroflot officials believe that its main Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport is overloaded.

The conflict between managers from the Sayany Aluminum Factory, or SAF, and the British Trans World Group may drag on for a long time. Through SAF efforts, TWG has lost its representation in the factory's board of directors, with its share in the charter capital having halved. TWG officials stated Monday that they intend to take SAF managers to court.

The Cherkizovsky Agro-Industrial Complex has bought a controlling stake of the Ostankino Meat-Processing Factory. Thus, there are only two large enterprises left in Moscow, Mikoms and Tsaritsyno, which can compete with the Cherkizovsky complex.

The Anglogold Ltd. gold-extracting company is being created in South Africa. It will unite assets from eight large South African gold producers. This means that it will be more difficult for Russian companies to survive the severe competition on the gold market.


In an interview, former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin talks about Streletsky's book giving distorted facts about former prime minister's entourage. He also talks about his friendly relations with President Boris Yeltsin.

Sergei Zubov, the Dallas Stars hockey player, one of the best fullbacks of North American hockey, was arrested Saturday on charges of attacking his wife.