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A brief look at stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

June 4, 1998.


The military collegium of the supreme court of Russia today will consider the case of Nikolai Yezhov, former NKVD chief, who was shot in 1940 as the "enemy of the people" for high treason. Can he be rehabilitated as a victim of Stalin's political repressions?

It's the financial crisis that has encouraged the authorities and businessmen to pool their efforts to overcome the crisis -- A commentary on President Yeltsin's meeting with Russian business leaders.

Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev talks about the next parliamentary and presidential elections in his republics, about the local opposition to his reform, foreign companies, the future fate of the CIS and Kazakh-Russian relations.

NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana has announced the creation of the Euro-Atlantic Action Coordination and Catastrophe Center, which will be under the Council on Euro-Atlantic Partnership. The idea of the center came from Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Pensions for the month of June may be delayed because the Pension Fund does not have enough money.

The St. Petersburg television program "Otkryty Efir" went off the air after it had planned a speech by controversial human rights activist Yuri Shmidt. The channel is run by the local journalists' union and "Gardarika" Radio. Is the broadcast interruption a coincidence or conspiracy?

What issues will Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko discuss with French state leaders and businessmen during his two-day official visit to Paris?

The State Duma left-wing opposition plans a new attempt to impeach President Yeltsin during a session on June 9. In response, the president and his administration intend to take measures to combat the opposition's unprecedented attacks.

In light of recent nuclear tests by India and Pakistan it might help to remember former U.S. President Ronald Reagan's visit to Moscow ten years ago. The president's visit did much to ease the nuclear tension between the two superpowers.

What role do modern religions in Russian society play today? Do they help people endure the everyday hardships of life? Olga Konoplyova, chief of the guard at the "Mashinostroitel" factory, and doctor Yuri Polishchuk share their opposing views?

The Brazilian Theater "Vertizhen" has staged the cruelest production of all shown at Moscow's Chekhov Theater Festival.

Recently, a tragedy befell three Russian travellers in Rio de Janeiro.

Yuri Koptev, head of the Russian Space Agency, and NASA officials met in Florida recently to set new deadlines for the construction of the International Space Station.


The government intends to equalize television broadcasting tariffs for state-owned and private TV companies. In addition, it is going to introduce a new procedure of licencing television channels. If this happens, the state authorities will get a powerful instrument to exert pressure on electronic mass media. Details on what four TV officials think about it.

Newly-appointed head of the State Taxation Service, Boris Fyodorov, said that taxes should be paid by approximately 1,000 taxpayers -- all of whom are well-known people in Russia.

What are the results of the government's first month performance and what are its priority tasks for the near future? Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov answers these and other questions.

Federal Bankruptcy Agency head Georgi Tal stated yesterday that the government is prepared to bankrupt ten to 15 enterprises before the end of the year.

The State Duma yesterday passed draft laws introducing two new taxes -- one on crossing the state border and one on casino tables.

The new head of the State Customs Committee, Valery Draganov, said yesterday that he insists on raising import tariffs on foreign cars and food. What factors led to his decision?

Mansur Bekarov, leader of the Chechen diaspora in Arkhangelsk, said that Valentin Vlasov, presidential representative in Chechnya who was kidnapped in May, is being kept somewhere in Daghestan.

Does the propiska system still exist in Moscow? Yuri Sharogorov, deputy head of the city passport board, said that it does not. Is this true?

The Sverdlovsk Regional Court has sentenced murderer Valery Kulakov to death. He's been convicted of killing seven people who were going to emigrate to Israel.

Svetlana Ismailova, director of the "Russkaya Entsiklopedia" publishing house, was released after a three-month stay in jail on condition that she not leave Moscow.

The Tver regional court has sentenced former Tver deputy governor Anatoly Stepanov to five years in prison on charges of receiving bribes from Chechen businessman Ramzan Taramov.

Moscow police have confiscated 15 railway containers filled with fake vodka that arrived at the Kuntsevo 2 station from North Ossetia.

The head of the Soglasiye company talks about the inter department commission's recommendation to declassify the Lomonosovsky diamond deposit project. Soglasiye has become a strategic investor in the project with diamond giant De Beers as its partner.

Little-known Canadian Holdings, Ltd. yesterday announced its desire to buy the Oskolsky Electro-Metallurgical Combine's controlling interest for 300 times its market price.

British Del Monte, a leader in worldwide juice production, has signed an agreement on making juice at an enterprise of its direct rival -- the Russian Depsona firm.

The Arbitration Court of the Kemerovo Region has launched a bankruptcy procedure against the Kuznetsk Metals Combine.

A review of a new exciting production called "Arkadia" by English playwright Tom Stoppard at the Moscow Art Theater.


Golden Ada's Andrei Kozlyonok, hero of the unprecedented scandal of the transfer to his firm of diamonds and gold coins worth $180 million, has asked the Greek authorities for political asylum. In an interview he explains his fears.

The Latvian parliament today is expected to consider a draft law concerning the citizenship of young residents who were born after 1991.

Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko, who left for France yesterday, cut the number of his team by one-third. Whom did he decide to cut from the trip?

In an exclusive interview Yevgeny Rogayev, head of the laboratory of the molecular genetics of the brain, talks about the results of his examination of the remains of Tsar Nicholas II and his family -- results which the government has ignored.


The Central Bank has created its own departmental system of wages and salaries for its staff, which has a complicated many-layer structure.

President Boris Yeltsin today is expected to meet regional governors to discuss their financial problems and the need to change the existing financing system.

The methods Mayor Yuri Luzhkov may use to increase his authority among non-Moscow voters are discussed.

The collapse of the Russian monetary market shocked the U.S. Clinton's administration expressed concern over the situation but said that atthe moment the U.S. cannot provide effective aid to Russia.

Andrei Illarionov, director of the Institute of Economic Analysis, stated that the only thing that may provide stability to the Russian financial system is cutting the expenditure part of the budget by 150 billion rubles. Illarionov has made an in-depth analysis of the origin of and the possible solution for the current financial crisis.

Foreign ministers of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, all of whom have nuclear capability, are expected to meet today in Geneva to discuss urgent measures in the context of the recent nuclear tests conducted by India and Pakistan. Before the meeting, Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov discussed the major trends of Russia's foreign policy.

In an interview, "Virtuozy Moskvy" orchestra leader Vladimir Spivakov talks about his current success in Moscow, explaining why he preferred to come back home from Spain where his orchestra lived and worked for several years. (7)


In an interview, Economics Minister Yakov Urinson names two main reasons behind the current financial crisis, giving a pessimistic forecast for the next several years.

The Ulyanovsk auto factory has launched road tests of its new Jeep UAZ-3162, which has many advantages over its previous model.

In an interview, Israel's newly-appointed ambassador to Russia Tsvi Magen says he views Russia as Israel's effective economic and trade partner.

Experts from the trade section of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade divide all ecological labels put on commodities into three groups.


A year from Saturday, June 6 will be the 200th anniversary of Pushkin's birth. The modern Russian language also marks its anniversary. For over 100 years literary scholars have been trying to answer the question of where Pushkin was born. The historian Sergei Romanyuk talks about his discovery in an interview.

Mayor Yuri Luzhkov is discussing the "Twelve Points" of the Moscow city government with Kiriyenko's cabinet, hoping that the prime minister will tell him frankly to what extent these proposals are acceptable to him.

Fifty-three percent of respondents (1,600 people) support the State Duma deputies who intend to launch an impeachment procedure against President Yeltsin. Results of the VTSIOM opinion poll conducted on May 21to 27.

The Nizhny Novgorod regional court declared Mayor-elect Andrei Klimentyev guilty of giving a bribe to Alexander Kislyakov, Director of the local "Oka" factory, which Klimentyev denied. Along with this he confessed that he had given large sums of money to former governor Boris Nemtsov.

Leaders from the concern "Antei" have developed "Antei-2500," a modern system of armaments for anti-air and anti-rocket defense.

Human rights champion Sergei Kovalyov discusses the typical portrait of Russian human rights activists and what they are most often accused of.

Filmmaker Sergei Govorukhin, son of the State Duma deputy , talks about his latest film about the Chechen war, "Accursed and Forgotten".

In an interview, Alexei Volin, newly-appointed head of the Government Information Board, talks about his main duties.

Chubais's future political career is discussed.

In an interview during his trip to the Kaluga region, Nobel Prize writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 80, calls on people he has met with to learn to control their own lives.

The President's Administration has introduced new rules for its relationships with foreign reporters, which have appeared to be very much similar to those copied from the former KGB instructions.


The Defense Ministry owes its suppliers a huge sum of money for foodand services. Who will help the ministry pay its debts? Also covered in Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Vice-Mayor Valery Shantsev stated several days ago that during the upcoming Youth Olympic Games (scheduled for July) not a single homeless person or prostitute will remain in the capital city.

Newly-elected Krasnoyarsk governor General Lebed is preparing for his inauguration day June 5, to which many top state officials and business have been invited.

Four road accidents occurred in seven hours yesterday, which left several people seriously injured.


City authorities, who fear new emergency situations after the recent cases of collapsing roads and houses, have launched a program of resettling Muscovites from old risky houses into safer ones.

The murder of Dunayev, Director of the "Shaturles" industrial association, shocked the whole Shatura District (Moscow region).

Muscovites often suffer from unexpected construction projects near their houses or just beneath their windows.

In an interview, Pavel Borodin, head of the presidential administrative economic affairs department, reveals several secrets about his "closed empire."


In an interview, Roman Popkovich, head of the State Duma Defense Committee, talks about his agency's contacts in the Duma and outside it in resolving serious army issues.


In an interview Vyacheslav Shtyrov, head of the "Almazy Rossii-Sakha"company, talks about the "dealers" making big fortunes on Russia's national wealth. (1,3)

Document. Program of Government's Priority Measures. Full text.