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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

May 12, 1998:


The story talks about the 101st brigade of the interior troops, which 18 months ago left its location in Grozny for Stavropol, southern Russia, where it has acquired a criminal reputation. Numerous stories in the press full of fierce criticism and complaints from soldiers' mothers forced the former leadership of the Interior Ministry to take urgent measures to restore order and discipline.

The second round of the gubernatorial elections in Krasnoyarsk, western Siberia, is scheduled for May 17 when the region's residents will have to make their final choice between the party of power (Valery Zubov) and the "third force" (Alexander Lebed). Also covered in Kommersant Daily and Novaya Gazeta.

On Saturday night sea pirates attacked and looted the Lithuanian ship Algidras in the Indian Ocean. Also covered in Komsomolskaya Pravda.

A group of 16 subjects will spend 240 days and nights in isolation in the ground test complex to simulate the long extremely tense conditions of working in the future International Space Station. This unique experiment is scheduled for February-March 1999.

The number of registered car thefts in the first quarter of this year was 7,638, which is 6.7 percent less than the figure for the same period last year. The story looks at several reasons behind the "improved" situation.

Local assassins in Saratov, central Russia, killed human rights activist Major Igor Lykov in his apartment May 2. The story describes how it happened. Also covered in Novaya Gazeta.

How does the new government differ from the Cabinet of former acting Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar? The story looks at several major features.

This story focuses on five preliminary results of the recent government crisis.

The State Tax Service has submitted to the government its proposalsaimed at seeking new additional sources of boosting budget revenues.

The first literary Solzhenitsyn Prize ($25,000) was awarded late last week to Russian philologist Vladimir Toporov.

The International Exhibition "Svyaz-Expokomm-98," sponsored by Expocenter (Moscow) and the U.S. E.J. Krause and Associates Co., is expected to open today in Moscow. What are its specific features? Also covered in Finansoviye Izvestia.

What issues will the G-8 leaders discuss at their summit in Birmingham, England, which opens May 15?

The Defense Ministry has made the decision to prolong the time limit of keeping and using sea-launched ballistic missiles, which, in the opinion of nuclear expert Yury Balashov, may lead to a global catastrophe. He and other experts share their viewpoint.

The story looks at several children's department stores in Tverskaya Ulitsa that have shocking prices.

At its session April 23, the Political Consultative Council (under President Boris Yeltsin) presided by Ivan Rybkin discussed the fate of the federal law on trophy art, which, despite Yeltsin's objections, was passed by the State Duma on April 4 and approved by the Federation Council on May 14, 1997.

The Kultura television channel has been functioning for six months already. What is its legal status and how independent is it in selecting its programs? Kultura chief editor Mikhail Shvydkoi, deputy head of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Co., looks at its first achievements, failures and problems.

Commanders from the Russian cossack army intend to propose to President Boris Yeltsin to become supreme ataman of the Cossack troops.

President Boris Yeltsin on May 5 signed a message to the government "Concerning Budget Policy in 1999." Also covered in Finansoviye Izvestia.


President Boris Yeltsin on May 8 signed a decree intended to improve the performance of the state electronic mass media, according to which the federal authorities plan to create their own "non-oligarchic" media holding on the basis of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Co., which will control ORT and NTV television companies.

The fate of presidential representative in Chechnya, Valentin Vlasov, who was kidnapped 12 days ago, is in the hands of Chechen field commander Ruslan Khaikharoyev, who is responsible for many previous terrorist acts and kidnappings. Also covered in Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The story looks at sharpening contradictions in the Our Home Is Russia party. Head of its parliamentary faction Alexander Shokhin stated before the May holidays that the movement may decline government backing.

In an Internet interview, President Boris Yeltsin on Tuesday was expected to answer about 2 million questions from throughout the world.

No sooner has former First Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais become head of Unified Energy Systems than his opponents are trying to topple him. Two heavy blows hit him between the May holidays.

Several significant trends may escape government control, since the political fate of Ivan Rybkin and Ramazan Abdulatipov has not been decided yet.

With the arrival of Sergei Stepashin in the Interior Ministry several serious personnel changes have started in the agency. According to President Boris Yeltsin's decrees signed May 9, several top state officials have received new appointments.

Boris Berezovsky's daughter Yelizaveta, 27, was detained in St. Petersburg on May 9 on charges cocaine possession. Also covered in Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Murtaza Rakhimov is the only contender for the post of president of Bashkortostan.

Today's festivities in Chechnya will be devoted to the signing of the Peace Treaty with Russia on May 12 , 1997. Acting Prime Minister Shamil Basayev hopes for about another festive day when Chechnya will unite with Dagestan.

When visiting Baku on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Azerbaijan's President Geidar Aliyev, Georgia's head of state Eduard Shevardnadze told of their clandestine efforts to disrupt the Communist system in the former Soviet Politburo.

The Moscow regional branch of the Federal Securities Commission has imposed first fines on those brokerage companies that failed to present their registration documents on time. In an interview, the branch head, Yury Sizov, speaks about different sizes of fines.

Founder and owner of the Italian ItalDesign auto company, Jordano Judjaro, visited Moscow late last week. In an exclusive interview, he talks about the aim of his visit.

The pharmaceutical factory Akrikhin outside of Moscow has launched a production of cardiological medicines jointly with the Bristol-Myers transnational company.

Theater critic Marina Timashova describes a great success of the American Theater Maboy Mainse at the Chekhov Festival in Moscow.


The story talks about Novosibirsk priest Viktor Smetanikov, who is the first in the world to put up a cross at the North Pole.

In an interview, Chief Military Prosecutor Colonel General Yury Demin talks about hazing, which has turned to be a national disaster.


The Russian people have the legal rights to access of information about World War II that had been concealed or distorted by the Soviet government during the past 45 years. What should be done to facilitate the most clear and integral understand of the war?

While former Soviet republics maintain agreements to grant privileges to war veterans, the meager pensions give little recognition to their hero status.

Federation Council head Yegor Stroyev will have a new deputy soon, since vice-speaker Vasily Likhachov has been appointed Russia's representative to the European Union. A look at forthcoming personnelchanges in the upper house of parliament.

Thirteen candidates are vying for a State Duma seat in the second one-mandate constituency in the Republic of Altai, where the elections are scheduled for May 31. Former Deputy Finance Minister Andrei Vavilov stands a strong chance of winning.

Will the "Our Home is Russia" movement disappear from the political scene? Several possible scenarios could lie in the future.

The Volgograd region has become a center of trade for illegal drugs. Facts and figures illustrate the wide scale of the operations and its grave consequences.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko take a positive look at a Russian- Belarussian Union, focusing on factors that could make the alliance more effective.

In an interview, Education Minister Alexander Tikhonov talks about reforming the system of a higher and specialized technical education, which he says cannot be effective without adequate state funds.

On May 17, TV Kultura Channel will launch a new information program called "Things as They Are" with a host and two invited guests.

In an interview, State Duma deputy Konstantin Borovoi, a new writer for NTV's Kukly program, talks about a new puppet for his friend Valeria Novodvorskaya.

Although the Soviet government gave poet Vasily Lebedev- Kumach numerous decorations for the song "Sacred War," evidence has come to light proving that the lyrics were written in 1938 by poet Alexander Bode.


The team of the Mir space station has begun to pack the U.S. equipment , which the Discovery shuttle will bring back to Earth on June 3.

The State Duma is expected to consider a draft law on advertising medical services. A look at why it's urgent today.

Nikolai Lyutov, chief of the Moscow Customs Board, issued a newdirective, which maintains a censorship policy on publications abroad. A look at the document.

What impact will the euro have on the Russian ruble? What will be the ruble's place among the dollar, euro and yen?


Who could have kidnapped presidential envoy Valentin Vlasov in Chechnya?

In an interview, writer Georgi Baklanov talks about several positive changes in Russia, saying that true democracy will appear in at least 30 years. The writer also speaks about his new novel.


In an interview, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Oksana Dmitriyeva talks about her first steps in the new post.

In an interview, Nizhny Novgorod Governor Ivan Sklyarov talks about his achievements during the one year since Boris Nemtsov left for Moscow.