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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

May 14, 1998.


The Kremlin has hardly batted an eye over India's nuclear tests, and has not even considered imposing sanctions on Delhi, unlike the United States and Japan. A look at why.

A graph shows the amount warheads the five nuclear powers possess today.

The reaction of the world public to India's nuclear tests is bewildering: with numerous commentaries full of fierce criticism, not a single government has announced its intention to take any concrete measures in "giving a good lesson" to Delhi. The article examines the public condemnation of India's action.

The Azeri reaction to the May 7 fatal stabbing of compatriot Asaf Nagiyev at Luzhniki market was the first time they have confronted skinhead terror, says Azeri consul in Russia Kyamal Kurbanov. Kurbanov claims police could have averted the crime but failed to do it.

Several anti-Russian events in Riga during the past two months have considerably deteriorated relations between Russia and Latvia. In an interview, Latvian President Guntis Ulmanis talks about his government's concrete steps to liberalize a severe law on citizenship.

KamAZ creditors have become its owners: the governments of Russia and Tatarstan each have obtained 25 percent of its stock while several Russian banks and the U.S. company KKR have received large packages of shares.

Ivan Mazur, director-general of the Lipetskavtodor building firm in the Lipetsk region, was found dead in his apartment May 12.

Elderly pensioner Yekaterina Tukhlina died and lay in her apartment in Magnitogorsk for six years without being discovered.

Outstanding composer of 400 works, Nikita Bogoslovsky will celebrate his 85th birthday May 18. A plaque bearing his name will be laid on Stars Square in front of the Rossiya Concert Hall.

To enter the city of Volzhsk, in the Mari Republic, in an Izvestia office car, correspondent Boris Bronshtein had to pay 20 rubles according to a decree issued by local authorities. Similar measures are in effect in many other cities.

President Boris Yeltsin has received a letter from Professor Obasi, General Secretary of the World Meteorological Organization, bearing a warning that Russia may lose its membership in the organization. A look at why.

The State Tax Service has issued a list of enterprises that have failed to pay their taxes, with AvtoVAZ at the top.

The Board of Directors of the Inter-Regional Commercial Bank of Communications and Information -- MKB Svyaz-Bank -- made the decision to develop variants of privatizing the bank. Thisissue will be considered May 14 at a meeting of its shareholders.

Interior Minister Sergei Stepashin on Wednesday introduced a new commander, Colonel-General Pavel Maslov, to lead the interior troops.

A priority task of the new government is to seek additional revenues to the budget. A look at several possible sources.

The Central Bank is discussing the fate of Tokobank, which May 8 introduced temporary administration. What has happened to this bank, which both at home and abroad has been viewed as one of the most reliable banks in Russia?

Pop star Alla Pugachyova went to Krasnoyarsk on Wednesday to back governor Zubov, who is vying for a second-term post.

At their recent meeting, 28 EU foreign and defense ministers decided to invite Russia to build a new European security system. In their final declaration they stated that "without Russia this process is impossible."

President Boris Yeltsin will be absent from the first day of the Group of Seven Nations summit in Birmingham, England. On May 15, the heads of state will discuss world economic problems, and unless Russia undergoes a radical transformation into a highly industrialized country, it will be too early to talk about the G-7 becoming a G-8.


The Prosecutor General's Office conducted a large-scale inspection of the Rosneft joint-stock company and found several gross violations. The results of the inspection may help several participants in the coming auction bring down its starting price.

FSB officers have arrested Vyacheslav Filatov, deputy prosecutor of Moscow's central district, and Alexander Potapov, first deputy Tverskoi inter-regional prosecutor. They are accused of taking $15,000 to aid in the release of Solntseveo criminal group leader Denis Rakitin.

Deputy Minister Viktor Khristenko yesterday introduced a new minister, Yevgeny Sapiro, to the collegium of the Ministry of Regional and National Policies. A look at his major duties.

The sixth national showbiz award ceremony, Ovatsia, took place Tuesday evening in the Rossiya Concert Hall. The names of the best performers are given.

In an interview, newly-appointed Labor Minister Oksana Dmitriyeva talks about the way she is going to seek money for social programs.

Lev Rokhlin, head of the State Duma Defense Committee, stated that his committee, movement in support of the army, intends to take the Defense Ministry to court . The general will demand that the ministry pay compensations to the officers, who are suffering from inadequate funds.

A group of Vorkuta miners yesterday took Mayor Igor Shpektor hostage in his office. By doing this, they hope to draw authorities' attention to their impoverished position.

On Thursday, the State of Israel marks its 50th anniversary. An interview with Yitzhak Shamir, former prime minister and former head Mossad, who reminisces about his years of struggle for independence. He also speaks about his attitude toward the Soviet Union and toward Russia and its current leaders, including Primakov.

A group of Russian banks Wednesday petitioned Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko to cancel a May 15 competition for the right to service the accounts of regional customs agencies. The bankers propose to it themover to Sberbank.

The Moscow government has taken new steps in its payment of debts. Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov has signed a directive giving Gazprom several elite apartment blocks on Michurinsky Prospekt to pay a debt of 1.5 billion rubles ($243.7 million).

Three years after the earthquake in Sakhalin, its local authorities have at last found funds to launch a construction project of earthquake-resistant housing. They have already announced an international tender.

British financiers worry that George Soros is posing a threat to the pound sterling.

The 1997 state prize for art and literature will be awarded in early June. A look at its nominees.


A story by journalist Vladimir Ladny features numerous thefts of military machines by Russian servicemen, who reported that tanks and armored troop carriers ( their numbers are given ) were destroyed in the Chechen war but in reality they were sold for huge money. (1)

Russian servicemen allegedly are stealing numerous tanks and armored personnel carriers, claiming they were destroyed in the war with Chechyna, but then selling them for large amounts of money. The article cites the number of stolen machinery.


Moscow city police have arrested a 45-year-old Muscovite who allegedly made his living selling children abroad for $5,000 each.

Deputies in the Moscow City Duma have decided to launch an anti-smoking campaign inside the building.

Paying on plastic in Russia. Banks offer a variety of services in issuing international cards.

A look at the lives of Jews in Russia who did not emigrate during the 1970 exodus.