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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

WHAT THE PAPERS SAY: Alla Pugachyova Makes a Shocking 'Come-Back'

Although Alla Pugachyova called herself a "three-minute actress" (meaning the three-minute performances that she finds more comfortable and productive than, say, a role in the cinema or theater), she managed to put on a more than hour-long show in the guise of a press conference at the Radisson Slavjanskaya this Tuesday.

To observe the action was pure pleasure. Characterizing herself as "good-looking, smart and talented," she convincingly demonstrated her point with virtuosity and cheek. Without so much as blinking an eyelid or sounding hardly any false notes, she conducted a magnificent therapeutic session using Stanislavsky methods. Even if she had tried to convince the audience that new-born babies are found in cabbage patches, the dupes of the journalistic fraternity gathered there would have sung out in chorus: "We believe, we believe you, Alla Borisovna [Pugachyova]."

Here are some excerpts from what the singer said at the press conference devoted to the launch of the "Triumphal Return of Alla Pugachyova" tour.

On [her] way of life: "I tried to quit smoking three times, and for the time being, it hasn't worked. Smoking has never bothered my singing, however, and I never smoke on stage. As for alcohol, I should probably take it like medicine -- just a little bit so that it does not ruin my appearance or inner state. I went through a three-year period of depression during which I drank, and can say that nothing good comes out of it, and it only makes your state of depression worse."

On sincerity: "I don't even notice where I am playing and where I am living. It's been a long time since I've even given any thought to this. It is no longer realistic to try to figure this out.

On divorce with [the pop singer] Filipp Kirkorov: "With Filipp?! Oi, don't bet on it." (Moskovsky Komsomolets' note: To understand further what follows, the reader should carefully read the proceeding paragraph.)

Alla continues: "I love this man so much, with all his faults and qualities. He is awfully interesting when it comes to both his work and [our] living together." (MK's note: It seems that here Alla has let her guard down for a moment.

On the press: "One gets the impression that your profession is becoming more petty. ... It's so uninteresting. In general, I don't understand why this press conference is needed. Everything you know or don't know ... you distort. But I am already used to this."

Moskovsky Komsomolets, April 10

Bravo Alla

The most significant event in April is, of course, Alla Pugachyova's birthday. And in the same month her tour has begun. The first performance already took place in Almaty on April 3. "What am I going to give Alla for a birthday present? You know, I am a superstitious person, and so long as I haven't received what I ordered, I'm not going to say. But I can assure you that it is something very original. There won't be a concert as there was last year on her birthday. You only put on an event of this kind once. Now we're going to think of something different."

Filipp Kirkorov in response to the question, "What can we expect in April?"

Argumenty i Fakty, No. 15, April

New, Improved Look

"Alla Pugachyova has changed. It is not that she has lost an astonishing amount of weight, dyed her hair or acquired a new set of lips and teeth. ... In all of her interviews, she now speaks of her coming 50th birthday. She cannot sing the song "Strong Woman Crying at the Window," because it makes her laugh. ...

With the announcement of a 45-city tour in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States she became even more similar to Western stars. Pugachyova has never been one to avoid scandals, but the fuss surrounding her first concert in Almaty -- it was precisely in this city three years ago that the singer said she was taking a career timeout -- exceeded all expectations.

Before the concert, the singer was showered with accusations from religious Moslems. More than a candid gesture, Pugachyova's pose on the publicity poster can be interpreted as "take that."

More than 200 songs from the singer's repertoire were selected for her tour. It is still unclear what the singer will sing at the Kremlin Palace at the end of the year. But it is clear that tickets for the concert will run from $40 to $200.

Obshchaya Gazeta, April 9-15

Favorite Soap Opera

Fellow countrymen, I of course beg your pardon, but tell me, how are we to understand the phrase from the tour booklet, "Alla Pugachyova was silent for three years"? There is even an exact date -- from July 29, 1995. But she had concerts after that in August, October and November in Ryazan, Tashkent and Irkutsk. In 1997, she appeared at her own "surprise party" at the Olympic sports complex, and in December at her own "Christmas encounters [show]." Add to these events Alla Pugachyova's constant presence in the papers and on television, and the prima donna can be compared to Iosef Kobzon, another singer who left the stage in equally great silence.

Nevertheless, it was as if the star's agitated press conference at the Radisson Slavjanskaya was an overtureto Alla Pugachyova's triumphant return. "Let it be," sang the Beatles. So, let it be. Russian citizens are showing their affinity for television series. The "living legend" with the initials ABP is their favorite "soap opera." TV6's television evening news led with coverage of her press conference, outstripping news of economic crises and natural disasters.

Noviye Izvestia, April 9