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A brief look at stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

April 10, 1998.


The story looks at the alignment of forces in the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, on the eve of voting in favor or against acting Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko. The story notes that about 150 votes are expected to be cast in support of the candidate. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

The story describes a unique operation transplanting an improved model of the artificial (mechanical) heart on a calf performed by surgeons at the Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Human Organs. In 1990, the Russian program of creating the artificial heart was suspended, while the Americans have made great progress in this field.

The story comments on President Boris Yeltsin's meeting Thursday with Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev and answering his own question as to why Yeltsin has invited him. Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Segodnya and Noviye Izvestia.

How did the nationwide day of protest against wage arrears proceed Thursday in different Russian cities? Eleven short eyewitness accounts provide the numbers of protesters. Also covered in Noviye Izvestia.

According to a decision made by a government session (presided by acting First Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov), Russia will cut oil exports by 61,000 barrels a day, in political solidarity with the OPEC oil-producing countries. Also covered in Kommersant Daily and Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The Secretariat of the Moscow Journalists' Union and the Military Press Association have made an official statement, expressing serious concern over a sharp worsening of journalists' conditions of work in the Defense Ministry and armed forces units.

In an interview, Alexander Sedov, head of the Moscow Chamber Male Choir, which is more popular abroad than at home, talks about his 16 male singers.

Did the Soviet KGB really develop a secret plan (in May 1981) to discredit the Roman Catholic Church and if need be to kill Pope JohnPaul II? The story reveals the Italian version about Lubyanka's involvement in the attempt on the life of the Pope.


In an interview, Karen Shakhnazarov, 45, who has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Mosfilm concern and has become its director general, talks about the latest changes in Mosfilm and his new duties.

The law on narcotics will come into effect April 15, which is another attempt to resolve the problem by force. The main blow will be dealt on drug addicts rather than on drug dealers.

Russia's economic sanctions against Latvia have caused a political crisis in Riga -- all ministers, members of Latvia's Democratic Party, who support good relations with Moscow, have left the Cabinet.

Acting Deputy Education Minister Alexander Asmolov said military training will not be introduced in secondary schools, stating that Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev "got heated" when he talked about his idea.

During the Thursday session, the government approved a draft law banning people, who have physical defects or convictions, from teaching.

The most famous resorts in the former Soviet Union -- Pitsunda, Yurmala and Koktebel are nearly empty after its break-up. Why? What should be done to restore their former high reputation?

The test flight of a new supersonic jet Tu-204 was a complete fiasco.

The State Taxation Service has accused director general of the CSKA Hockey Club, Valery Gushchin, of avoiding paying taxes of 3.5 billion rubles ($571.2 million).

Tax police officers Thursday searched the central office of the Milan company, which owns the popular game "Russkoye Loto." They confiscated all the company's documents and on the same day instituted criminal proceedings on charges of avoiding paying taxes.

United Technologies head George David and Russian Space Agency head Yury Koptev on Thursday announced a possible signing of an agreementon the delivery of Russian rocket engines to the U.S. company. In an interview, George David talks about the coming deal.

Mosnatsbank has become the first authorized bank to have lost a considerable part of the treasury that was entrusted to it. As a result of the bank's operations, the Russian Academy of Sciences staff was left without wages. In an interview, Central Bank deputy head Denis Kiselyov explains what happened.

The government Thursday approved a provision on conducting an open tender on evaluating the price of the Svyazinvest telecom company. The tender itself is expected to be announced in the near future.

The State Antitrust Committee has accused the U.S. company Proctor & Gamble of violating the Law on Advertising. The company used children in advertising their washing detergent.

St. Petersburg authorities have launched a campaign to compete the outline sketch project of the Holy Trinity Cathedral on Troitskaya Ploshchad (former Revolution Square), which was destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1933.

The story previews the U.S. film "Good Will Hunting," which is now showing in Moscow cinemas.


Will 15 State Duma army generals (eight of them are Communist Party members) vote in favor of acting Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko for the post of Cabinet head?

Where do politicians, writers, businessmen, television and show-business stars and athletes prefer to live in Moscow? The story features a map with their addresses.

A journalist on an editorial assignment to work at a private detective agency to confirm suspicions that nearly all wives are not faithful to their husbands presents his interesting story.

The very popular Soviet-era pop singer, Gelena Velikanova, 70, returns to the stage.

Only today it has become possible to say what high price the formerSoviet Union had to pay to conquer the outer space.


A new television company -- OAO Tele-Radio Company Petersburg TV (with over 600 staff) will replace the present State TV and Radio Company St. Petersburg - Channel 5, which will cease to exist in the next four months.

NASA officials stated that the first module of the International Space Station, which has already been built in United States, will be called Unity, which denotes both its real and symbolic meaning.

The Permskiye Motory joint-stock company, producer of well-known aviation engines, will soon have new owners -- the Perm regional and city administrations and the Permenergo joint-stock company.

At the recent round-table meeting Nationalities Minister Vyacheslav Mikhailov presented a draft concept of Russia's state policy in North Caucasus. The minister stated that the current situation there poses a grave threat to Russia's integrity.

Political observer Alexei Pushkov presents an in-depth analysis of Russian-Latvian relations, stating why they have worsened in the past several months.

While capitalism is being built in Russia, what the latter has "obtained" today is a new phase of "socialism with human face," which was a dream of the former Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Nominees and their works for the State Prize of the Russian Federation --"Gospremiya-97."

The Bolshoi Theater is facing serious management problems concerning. Who should be running it -- a conductor, artistic director, actor or a manager?

Alexander Voroshilo, former leading opera soloist in the Bolshoi and now owner of a sausage factory, who is claiming the post of the Bolshoi's artistic director, talks about his plans.


Despite many state committees and agencies responsible for problems in Russia's Far North, the latter have remained neglected and new ones are amassing every season.

Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov has signed a provision on festively decorating city streets on official red-letter days. Short information.

The critical situation in Russia's documentary-film industry. A group of young, talented filmmakers has combined efforts to improve the situation.

Acting Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko is seeking all possible ways to extend the flow of taxes to the Treasury. But does he know that the government loses billions on export operations?


Oil and media tycoon Boris Berezovsky's elder daughter Liza (he has six children) is the apple of his eye, for whom he does everything she wants.

A special school for girls with deviant behavior in the small village of Skurygino (15 kilometers from the city of Chekhov) is the only one of its kind in Russia.

The Health Ministry has approved new standards of breast-feeding in maternity homes.

Several dams in Moscow region are so old that they may fail to resist the spring floods, which are expected to hit several regions in mid-April.

Andrei Nikolayev, former head of the Federal Border Service, says how good he is to be a State Duma deputy.

Soviet legendary circus animal tamer Valter Zapashny, 70, who works with tigers and lions, reminisces about a tiger who seriously wounded him during his first performance. The incident shocked the entire Soviet Union, then.

Pop star Alla Pugachyova, who has returned to the stage after a long break, talks about her new program, about her guest performances,about her likes and dislikes.


The Foreign Ministry is working on a draft of the new Consulate Charter, which will soon be submitted to the president's administration for consideration.

Yekaterina Geniyeva, head of the institute "Open Society -- Russia" of the George Soros Fund, stated Thursday in St. Petersburg that the fund intends to spend $100 million to buy new books for 3,500 Russian libraries. Twenty million will be allocated already this year.

Administrators from the Moscow City Central Administrative District intend to organize an unusual spring cleaning for small criminals later this month.

Another draft law on introducing an additional point in the Law on the Central Bank was prepared recently in the State Duma. This two-line point reads: The audit of the Central Bank shall not be done by one and the same auditing firm for two years in a row.

Serious personnel changes have taken place in the Tupolev research and technical aviation center. Vasily Alexandrov has become its new general director and his predecessor Alexander Shevchuk has become head of the board of directors.


According to the existing Law on Education, all primary schools should admit all children without any preliminary tests. Their parents should submit only their applications. Margarita Leontyeva, department chief in the Education Ministry explains several new provisions of the law.

A new book titled "Essays of the History of Russian Foreign Intelligence" by several Russian intelligence agents will appear on sale soon. It was edited by Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov, former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service. The book contains many rare documents such as on Trotsky's murder, kidnapping of White Emigration leaders and Hitler's secret talks.


Science-fiction writer Boris Strugatsky says that he does not see any decline in Russian culture today.


Krasnaya Zvezda editors have sent a letter to Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev, in which they describe their conflict with the leadership of the Ministry's press service.


Moscow State University has signed an agreement on student and teacher exchanges with Tokyo State University.


The Nobel Prize Committee has registered former Security Council Secretary Alexander Lebed as a nominee for the Peace Prize "for concrete results of peacemaking activity in Transdnestr and Chechnya.