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A brief look at stories making headlines in the Russian-language press,

March 19, 1998.


Russia doesn't have officially established state frontiers with all its

neighbors, which makes the existing borders a permanent source of

conflicts. Among all states bordering Russia only four - Norway, Belarus,

Mongolia and Lithuania - have no border claims. A look at the process of

creating the state border, which consists of three stages.

The Vologda Regional Court has resumed hearings in the criminal case

against Vologda regional Governor Nikolai Podgornov, 48, who is accused of


Who needs the Russian-Norwegian spying scandal? Facts show that the

Norwegian's recent actions has U.S. roots, as has already happened in 1984,

noted a high-ranking FSB official. Since 1991 the Central Intelligence

Agency has been implementing a long-term program to discredit and weaken

Russia's intelligence service.

According to the Central Bank's Public Relations Department, as of March 16

the bank has put 77.2 billion old rubles into circulation, which comprise

58.9 percent of all the cash in circulation.

The government has relieved Alexander Kotelkin, former director general of

state-owned company Rosvooruzheniye, of the post of first deputy foreign

economic minister.

Starting March 29, Aeroflot will introduce special fares for passengers

flying the Moscow-New York and Moscow-Frankfurt am Main routes, both

one-way and round-trip. Tickets will cost a mere $260 instead of $1,000.

The Moscow City Duma has passed a law on the guidelines of housing policy

in Moscow.

At a round-table discussion Wednesday First Deputy Prime Minister Boris

Nemtsov stated that he opposes financial oligarchy, favoring people's


Will a gas attack happen in the Moscow metro on Friday, as was promised

recently by an anonymous telephone call? In view of this,Moscow police have

been put on alert.

In the first reading the State Duma on Wednesday passed a draft bill on

amendments to the election law, which restrict participation by political

parties and movements in the next parliamentary elections.

The government is expected later this month to approve a package of

documents intended to soften for Russia the consequences from the fall of

world oil prices. This was stated Wednesday by Fuel and Energy Minister

Sergei Kiriyenko.

An acute crisis has hit the realty market in St. Petersburg. What realty

firms have lost the game?

Three veterans' organizations in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine have signed a

treaty in Sevastopol on creating the International Union of Veterans'

Organizations "Militant Brotherhood Without Frontiers."

The 345th airborne regiment stationed in Gudauta, the core of the Russian

peace-keeping force in Abkhazia, will have to leave the Bambora military

base before May 1.

Former St. Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak tells about his life in Paris.

He plans to return home and politics in a month.

The British Broadcasting Corporation has worked out a project with the aim

to explain to Russia the essence of democracy.

Cinematography Minister Armen Medvedev said at a news conference in Goskino

on Wednesday that the 21st Moscow International Film Festival scheduled for

July 1998 will not take place.

The television company VideoArt, with participation from the Federal Tax

Service Police, has started shooting a new television film with a tax

police officer as its main hero.

Nemtsov has opened his official as well as his personal website on the Internet.


Though President Boris Yeltsin is slightly better, his health is cause for

concern among his doctors.

Nobody will check the authenticity of state bureaucrats' income

declarations, unlike those submitted by ordinary citizens, who will have to

do it by April 1.

The National Sports Fund will not pay the Moscow Customs Board a fine of

29.3 million rubles (approximately $3.8 million) for distorted information

when declaring vodka.

Chechnya's Foreign Ministry stated Wednesday that Ivan Rybkin's recent

statement on the republic's status "grossly violates the Grozny-Moscow

agreements reached earlier."

The Bolshoi and Mariinsky theaters will exchange guest opera performances

scheduled to take place from April 3 to 12.

The State Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament, passed a resolution

Wednesday on the activities of several Russian television companies,

according to which deputies will have to prepare draft laws on stricter

state control over television.

Science Minister Vladimir Fortov spoke Wednesday about joint participation

by Russian and U.S. research centers in scientific programs valued at

hundreds of millions of dollars.

Gorno-Altai election constituency No. 2 is preparing to elect a deputy to

the Duma. In their interviews two candidates speak about their chances of

winning the seat.

The military court of the Tambov military district has sentenced Viktor

Gostev, chief of the Financial and Social Welfare Department of the Lipetsk

regional military office, to three years in prison. He is guilty of


Alexander Selivanov, 32, an executive from Moscow's Yuzhnoye Chertanovo

district, was killed March 17 in his apartment on Dorozhnaya Ulitsa.

Journalist Valery Drannikov, who in 1958 interviewed American pianist Van

Clibern for the first time, has again met with the world-renowned musician.

Another version of the reason behind the resignation of SIDANKO headZiya


Yeltsin has submitted to the Duma a draft law according to which the

Central Bank by 2006 should leave the board of shareholders of Donaubank AG

and East-West United Bank. If this document is passed, the Central Bank

will get the right to sell property owned abroad by Russian state banks.

The Ulyanovsk auto factory has suspended the production of its most popular

minibuses and cars.

The Russian company Pallada Asset Management, up to the end of this week,

will be sold to U.S. company State Street Global Advisors. This is the

first case in Russia of a managing PIF company being sold.

The Moscow city government is expected to issue a provision later this

month on holding an open competition for the right to conclude contracts on

leasing outdoor advertising space in Moscow.

The Dow Jones corporation announced Wednesday a sale of its branch

specializing in financial information. The buyer, Bridge Information

Systems Inc, plans to create on the basis of the former Dow Jones Markets a

powerful new information agency of business news.

A photo display by Baron Adolf de Meyer, a photographer from the '20s and

'30s for the magazine Vogue, has opened in the Teatro Restaurant of the

Hotel Metropol.

Film critic Lidya Maslova previews an American film "I Know What You Did

Last Summer," which was shown in Kodak Cinema World early this week.


Yekaterinburg authorities have spent huge amounts of money to prepare for

the coming summit between Yeltsin, French President Jacques Chirac and

German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Meanwhile, thousands of local teachers,

doctors and construction workers have not received their salary for many

months. Facts and figures illustrating the point.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is indignant about his coming

meetings in court, stated Wednesday that no medicine will help Yeltsin to

recover and that the president resembles the Lenin of late 1923.

Who will replace Alexander Lyubimov, former director of the ORT Russian

Public Television news programs, who resigned this week? Why has his high

boss Boris Berezovsky failed to defend him?

"The Russians are wild and ignorant people" this is what a newspaper of the

leading political party in Latvia says about its neighbor. Therefore, about

600,000 Russian-speaking people are viewed as "second-rate citizens."