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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

March 28, 1998.


Saturday's newspapers carry stories highlighting President Yeltsin's choice of Sergei Kiriyenko as a candidate for the post of prime minister. Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Noviye Izvestia, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Komsomolskaya Pravda, and Segodnya.

The Saratov aviation factory plans to begin assembling Case grain combine harvesters in the next several months using American parts.

Money placed in savings with Sberbank's before June 20, 1991, is viewed as state internal debt, according to the federal law on restoring and protecting the citizens' savings.

Chief Military Prosecutor Yury Dyomin has issued an appeal to army deserters, calling on them to come to a local military prosecutor to confess their guilt.

A scandal is likely to break out in the banking sphere because the Central Bank has failed to approve the candidacy of U.S. financier Boris Jordan to head the Russian MFK bank.

Can tourism boost the domestic ailing economy? Mayor Yury Luzhkov is sure that in two or three years Moscow will host up to five million foreign tourists.

In an interview, lawyer Henry Reznik, vice president of the International Union of Lawyers, speaks about a so-called "conveyor" of contract killings, saying that the price of human life has fallen to nothing. He also talks about a new feature in Russian court cases of defending individuals' 'honor and dignity.'

Might Russia join the Central Asian Union of the Four (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan), which held a summit late last week and, unlike the CIS, sets concrete tasks and fulfills them?

Genrikh Kireyev, head of the Russian delegation for the joint Russian-Chinese demarcation commission, describes the situation on the Russian-Chinese border focusing on several difficulties holding back the final demarcation project.

There is a town called Kremenki on the border of the Moscow and Kaluga regions, 150 km from Moscow, in which 14,000 residents cannot have a bath during the whole year because of lack of water.

The Museum of Magic, Wizardry and Horrors opened last week in the Moscow L-Gallery on Ulitsa Marina Roshcha.

Books of the Library of the Nobel Prize Laureates put out by the Moscow Panorama Publishing House, starting from Volume 35, will have a label "UNESCO edition."

TV observer Irina Petrovskaya harshly criticizes Boris Berezovsky as a producer of the TV film "Purgatory," made by Alexander Nevzorov, saying that the film fans ethnic hatred. (6)


News analyst Leonid Berres gives details about a sensational criminal case against high-ranking Interior Ministry officials now under investigation by the Main Military Prosecutor's Office. Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov told President Yeltsin about this case during their meeting March 2 and may have influenced the president's decision to fire Interior Minister Anatoly Kulikov.

The 3rd International Chekhov Theater Festival opened in Moscow late last week. The festival celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Moscow Art Theater. World-renowned artistic director Peter Stein, who has staged many of Chekhov's plays, opened the festival and read a lecture called "My Chekhov."

Acting Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko proposed that President Yeltsin halve the number of Cabinet ministers, but didn't name names. The president backed his proposal.

Full text of the president's Friday radio address.

Primorsky region governor Yevgeny Nazdratenko may face criminal prosecution. Khabarovsk local prosecutors have sent the General Prosecutor's Office materials on their investigation of the governor's behavior last November, when Nazdratenko allegedly beat Semyon Pletus, a Vladivostok City Hall employee.

Aircraft builders were not happy with the results of the recent "troika"summit, because they expected the three leaders to begin funding a project to create a new military cargo plane An-70. But the project has been postponed.

The Supreme Court of Russia Friday ruled that laws passed in Bashkortostan contradict the Russian Constitution because they limit the right of the region's citizens to participate in local self-government.

The Russian company Puskoviye Uslugi has obtained exclusive rights for all commercial launches of satellites with the help of "Kosmos" and "Start" rocket boosters, according to a decision made by the Russian Space Agency, a company co-founder and the virtual monopolist on the domestic market for launching of small satellites.

Mosbiznesbank, together with the "Thomas Cook" company on Thursday introduced a "travellers' card" known as Visa TravelMoney."

First Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov held a session Thursday to decided the fate of the law concerning nonstate pension funds. Dmitry Vasilyev, head of the Federal Securities Commission, has failed to establish control over this market.

Inkombank together with the MIBS tourist company has launched the MIBS-Inkom Travel company, a new tour agency.

Tokobank officials Friday stated their decision to fund jointly with Sberbank a project of building a factory to make instant coffee in Tuchkovo outside Moscow.

The Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange has signed agreements with seven regional currency exchanges on boosting the interregional system of trading in corporate and subfederal securities.

Red Star model Vera Salnikova, 22, through the Chertanovo Inter-Municipal Regional Court, is demanding $14,000 from photographer Vladimir Fridkes for using her photos without her consent.

The Moscow City Court has sentenced designer Dmitry Artemyev to 12 years in jail for the killing of businessman Alexei Gamayunov and his girlfriend.

Anatoly Lysenko, head of the Telecommunications and Mass MediaCommittee of the Moscow government, has officially confirmed that he is creating a new TV company, TV Tsentr, to replace the Moscow 2x2 and "MTK" channels. Thus the Moscow mayor will have his own TV channel.

Radioactive radon poses a serious threat to the Muscovites' health. Journalist Anna Fenko gives facts, figures and a map to illustrate the point.

The Kronos Quartet is arriving in Moscow from San Francisco to give concerts Tuesday and Wednesday to mark the group's 25th anniversary.

Mayor Yuri Luzhkov plans to build an underground city. A utopia?

The recent conference of the World Health Organization to mark International Antituberculosis Day, stated that a new TB epidemic is threatening the world population, with Russia among the 15 countries that pose the most serious threat.

In an interview Stanislav Naumov, deputy head of the State Tax Service, tells about how actors and show business people pay their taxes.


Criminals are controlling Russia's arms trading contracts today.

Arkhangelsk prosecutors have managed to take the Edem brothel to court. The case is scheduled to be considered in April.

Boris Yeltsin called Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin's recent statement on the cutbacks in the government of more than 208,000 employees a "provocation." But according to reports from the Finance Ministry's press service, the figure "208,000 people" was taken from a document prepared by a special government commission. See also Segodnya, Noviye Izvestia, and Trud.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky visits to the St. Petersburg gay club "69."

Which rivers will cause floods in what Russian provinces when.

Will filmmaker Pavel Chukhrai's The Thief receive the Nika prize? In an interview, Nika artistic Director Yuly Gusman shares his opinion.

The president's press service declared President Boris Yeltsin's annual income in 1997 amounted to 1,950,324.3 new rubles. Other facts and figures from his income declaration.

An analysis of an interview on the "Vremya" analytical television program Saturday, ex-Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin stated his true reaction to his resignation and his decision to run for the president in 2000.

In an interview, TV Tsentr television's Director General Boris Vishnyak speaks about the way he struggles with his channel's rivals.

What Tsar Peter did to entertain the people on April 1, April Fool's Day.


UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who arrived in Moscow on Sunday, will discuss the issue of Russian airplanes' participation in inspection flights over the territory of Iraq within the framework of the UN special commission's work.

Ukraine elected its parliament yesterday. The story describes the last days of the election campaign, with over 50 parties and over 3,000 candidates claiming seats in the parliament. Also covered in Segodnya.

A specialized exhibition "Business Culture in Russia: Traditions and Modern Times" has opened at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (formerly VDNKh), which will last through May 10.

What will former First Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais gain if he is elected head of the Unified Energy Systems company and what will the latter gain from him as a manager? Whatever an outcome, the result promises to be pernicious for Russia.

Though former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin in the 1995 elections took a first in line on the federal list of theOur Home Is Russia election association, he should not hope that he will get to the State Duma automatically.

In an interview, Konstantin Katushev, the last Soviet Foreign Trade Minister speaks about how former CMEA, economic assistance agency, countries paid huge debts to the Soviet Union and how the former KGB exercised control over the Ministry's foreign contacts.

The recent "troika" summit has a deep meaning, which has nothing to do either with Chernomyrdin's resignation or even with Yeltsin's future. If the "troika" receives a strong foothold as the consultative mechanism of the three leading European states, it may turn into a significant element of European politics.

In an interview, Vlodzimez Jakubas, Director of the Polish Cultural Club in Moscow, which opened a year and a half ago, talks about its major events during this period.

In an interview, world chess champion Anatoly Karpov speaks about his brilliant chess career, which started in his student years.

In an interview, pop singer Larisa Dolina tells about how she has become a jazz singer and how she looks after her voice.

In an interview, Yevgeny Kiselyov, author and host of the NTV political and analytical program "Itogi," tells about his program, its main themes, its information sources and the NTV television company.

How have Chechen officials reacted to Alexander Nevzorov's recent television film "Purgatory"? Four officials speak out.


According to the government decree of March 24, forest plots in Russia can be leased out to individuals and legal entities for a period between one and 49 years without the right of further redemption.

The Anti-Monopoly Committee has reprimanded Procter & Gamble company for violating the Russian law on advertising. The company had used children in several television ads.

The story looks at several labor correctional camps and prisons in Mordovia, where the Soviet regime ousted its political dissidents to die. It reveals a shocking number of prisons today -- 12 in just one district. It also gives an eyewitness account of a prison for women.


This spring's army conscription campaign will start April 1. Who can receive an army conscription postponement? What should be done to get this document?

Russia is prepared to place tactical nuclear weapons on its warships stationed in the Crimea on the Black Sea, which may happen within the next few months. This sensational statement was made by Deputy Sergei Terekhin of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada.

The Citizenship Commission under the president will launch a project soon to work out a new draft law on citizenship. What new features will appear in it?

Poet Bulat Okudzhava's friends and lovers of his poetry on Saturday launched a Bulat Okudzhava fund headed by his widow Olga. The fund has been approved and supported bysuch influential people as Yegor Gaidar and former First Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais.

All wines from Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia have disappeared from Moscow shops over the past two weeks. What has happened?

The State Duma will begin to consider a government variant of the Tax Code in April. What taxes will the individuals pay according the draft document? In an interview, Mikhail Motorin, deputy finance minister responsible for taxes, answers this and other questions.

The government's unexpected resignation last Monday has caused a panic among Russian people, who rushed to exchange offices to buy up dollars.

Many ATMs have appeared lately in Moscow metro stations. Which banks are installing them? And which cards will they service?

The story looks at the situation on the beer market in Russia. The Russian brewery industry has been up to now in a serious crisis (despite successes of several beer producers). The story cites facts and figures to illustrate the point.


Can President Boris Yeltsin's grandson, Boris, become the president's successor in 2000? Journalist Olga Konkova went to Great Britain to the Winchester College, where young Boris is being educated.

Moscow police have detained Valery Kaluzhanov, director of the Ruben Simonov Drama Theater in Moscow, who is suspected of taking bribes from a company that has rentedseveral rooms on the second floor of the theater building.

The Japanese Consulate in Moscow has made the procedure of getting entry visas to Japan much simpler than it was before.

A story talks about four city airport terminals, which have not been renovated in the past 20 years. Which foreign companies will launch such a project?

The story gives details of the recent government crisis and the resignations in chronological order.

A story talks about Lavrenty Beria, head of the Soviet NKVD, the KGB's predecessor, who would have turned 99 this day. The author describes him as one of the best leaders in Bolshevik Russia.

How many homeless people are there in Moscow? Independent experts estimate their number between 1 million and 3 million, while Interior Ministry reports state the figure between 100,000 and 350,000. The story takes a look at their home opened by the city government in the Proletarsky settlement outside Moscow.

The Moscow government plans to organize a great cultural show on the Moskva River in mid-April when floods are expected to hit the city.

Starting April 15 drivers on 16 major city roads will have to pay huge fines if they violate vehicle gas exhaust norms. The traffic police inspectorate officers will be very strict during their expansive checks.


In a short interview, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev speaks about his reaction to the government's recent resignation.

Why did President Boris Yeltsin need to fire his Cabinet just now? In an interview, State Duma Deputy Yury Boldyrev answers this question.

A feature story journalist Alexander Minkin describes his little son Sasha, to whom he usually sings lullabies about the Civil War.