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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

LDPR Asks Lewinsky to Rein In Clinton

The ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, known for its close ties to Saddam Hussein, verbal abuse of the United States and the eccentric characters among its members, was bound to come up with some strong reaction to the bombing of Baghdad. And it did.

An LDPR parliament deputy officially proposed that Russia appeal to the sole person capable of resolving the Iraq crisis: Monica Lewinsky.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who has visited Saddam several times, led a small protest rally outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. LDPR protesters also rallied outside the British Embassy.

The party also said one of its State Duma members was wounded in Baghdad during the strikes early Thursday.

When the Duma discussed an official resolution condemning the attack, Deputy Alexander Filatov, 31, proposed an amendment: "The State Duma appeals to Ms. Lewinsky to undertake corresponding measures to restrain the emotions of Bill Clinton."

The Duma, parliament's lower house, voted to consider the amendment, but the wording was changed when the resolution's final text was drafted.

In the end, that section of the resolution did not mention Lewinsky by name and condemned "U.S. inclination to resolve its purely internal problems, sometimes of a quite special nature, through such means," Filatov said by telephone.

The resolution was overwhelmingly passed by the Duma.

"I understand it was probably offensive," Filatov said of his proposal. His goal was to "deliberately aggravate" the case to show what he sees as a major reason for the attack: diverting domestic and international attention from impeachment proceedings against Clinton.

LDPR Deputy Vladimir Kostyutkin - a former KGB officer who served as a bodyguard for Leonid Brezhnev - was injured when his car was overturned by a wave of explosions during the airstrikes, Filatov said, adding that some Russian businessmen were in the car with him.

Kostyutkin has spent a lot of time in Baghdad recently. "He practically lives there," another prominent LDPR deputy, Alexei Mitrofanov, was quoted by Reuters as saying.

Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Kostyutkin was on a private business trip to Iraq and his wounds were not serious, Itar-Tass reported.