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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

WHAT THE PAPERS SAY: Duma Sees Plenty of 'Zionists' - But No Racists

Communist Party Duma Deputy Albert Makashov at two public rallies last month blamed Jews for Russia's economic collapse and urged the crowds to round Jews up and jail them. The Duma this week debated censuring Makashov, but the Communist Party blocked approval of that resolution.

On the evening of Nov. 4, after more than an hour of debate, the State Duma did not approve the resolution "On the Inadmissibility of Actions and Comments that Complicate Relations Between Nationalities in the Russian Federation."

This resolution was supposed - in a fairly "toothless" form, according to one of the deputies who spoke on the day - to express the disagreement of the Duma with the anti-Semitic, firebrand remarks of one of its members, [Communist Party deputy] General [Albert] Makashov.

But the Duma was unwilling to even mildly distance itself from the pogromist. The Communist faction justified its rejection [of the resolution] by citing the need to prepare "a broad, all-encompassing resolution on the state of relations between nationalities in Russia."

This would seem to say that the remarks of the Communist general do not in any way qualify under this resolution. ...

On Wednesday, the Duma demonstrated its lack of scruples. Of course, not all deputies are the same, since not all of them were in agreement on the draft resolution against Makashov (it was the left that blocked the motion), but as an institution of Russian representative power the Duma as a whole showed us that we can expect anything from it, because ethical considerations do not exist for the Duma.

No longer is it possible to be surprised at the political intrigues of the Duma, at its methodical retreat from having to take necessary and responsible decisions just so as to satisfy its [members'] personal interests and ambitions. This is no surprise.

It is no longer possible to say that the "leftists" in the Duma are not the Bolsheviks of before, that they won't, for example, attempt a forcible return to the Soviet past, with all the attendant delights of the Gulag. If they feel they can get away with it, then they will do it.

It has become fashionable to discuss the need to review the balance of power between the branches of government and to increase the Duma's authority. Of this Duma? Are we willing to agree with this?

We are told that society is shifting to the left and that the "left" majority in the Duma increasingly reflects our mood. Does the majority of this Duma reflect our mood?

In America, this piece would end with the sentence "Write to your Congressman." This is inappropriate in our circumstances.

Since our congressmen couldn't give a damn about our letters, we shall advise otherwise: Think seriously about who you will vote for in the next parliamentary elections.

People are now confidently predicting that the next Duma will be still "redder" than this one.

Redder than this one? Good heavens - could you possibly go any further that way!

Izvestia, Nov. 6

Snaking Leaders

In the text of the document ["On the Inadmissibility of Actions and Comments that Complicate Relations Between Nationalities in the Russian Federation"] it says that the "sharp, almost rude statements made by State Duma deputy A. M. Makashov" have provoked "concern" among the general public.

Parliament declared such statements are unacceptable, because "they can complicate relations between nationalities in the Russian Federation."

The leadership of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is in a difficult position, having to writhe like a snake between a large number of supporters of the anti-Semitic Makashov within left-wing opposition groups, and the necessity to demonstrate their own communist face through civilized expression.

It didn't work out.

In the morning, Communist Deputy Gennady Benov proposed that the statements should not be discussed. "We should be protecting not Jews, but the Russian people," he said, and carried on further with something about "Zionists" surrounding us on all sides.

Benov's suggestions didn't pass quietly: Makashov himself threw himself into the fray and insisted that the matter of "who is leading us in the country" finally be revealed ...

The official position of the Communist Party seems to be the following: The Communists are not against a struggle with anti-Semitism, and "in principle it is difficult to dispute the text," but better we "work" and write something "all-encompassing" on the national question.

We should therefore assume that Communist Makashov's name will be omitted from this "all-encompassing" document.

Nevertheless, the deputies voted not to punish Makashov.

Moskovsky Komsomolets, Nov. 5

Albert Stays at Home

Further discussion of the matter showed the deputies in an even more unattractive light.

"Jews are very strong, very talented and very rich, and they can make up for their moral damages by taking a nice vacation, but Albert Makashov is hardly going to go on vacation to the Canaries," said the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Segodnya, Nov.5

Just for the Record

Life in our country is getting worse and worse. Never before have things been this bad in Russia, not even under the Mongol yoke.

Who is to blame? The executive branch, the bankers, and the mass media are to blame. Usury, deceit, corruption, and thievery are flourishing in the country. That is why I called the reformers yids.

Who are these yids?

In English they are called Jews, in French, juif, and in Yiddish, yid.

Yid is not a nationality, yid is a profession. Balzak's Gobsek is a juif, the Gogolian skinflint Plyushkin is a yid. These images have become a permanent feature of world literature. Those who read Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Gogol, or Shevchenko know no other word to designate the ravager, the bloodsucker feeding on the misfortunes of other people. They drink the blood of the indigenous peoples of the state; they are destroying industry and agriculture.

They are destroying the Russian army and navy and its strategic nuclear forces. They accept the population's money to be kept in the banks and then they do not return it, leaving nothing for funerals, for rent, or for old age. Having taken over television, radio and the press, they then spit upon the history and culture of the country that nurtured them, saved them from the furnaces and gas chambers of fascism, and took the burden of educating them onto its own shoulders.

They grabbed whatever they could, and today they own 60 percent of Russia's capital. The concepts "Zionist" and "yid" are inseparable. The intelligentsia say "Zionist" but the people use Pushkin's word "yid."

The concepts of Zionism and fascism are inseparable, and when they scare people with Russian fascism, it is the same as when a thief shouts: "Stop that thief!"

Interview with Albert Makashov,

Zavtra, No. 42, Oct. 20