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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


At the ninth session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union on Monday, its deputies transformed it into a single representative legislative body - the Parliament of the Union. The State Duma of Russia and the National Assembly of Belarus have made yet another step to integrate the two independent states.

Yugoslavia's First Deputy Prime Minister Voislav Sheshel, leader of the Serbian Radical Party, has arrived in Yaroslavia to represent his country at the ninth session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union. Sheshel, who is often compared with Russia's State Duma faction leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, stated that his country would like to join the Union. The story features the meeting and Sheshel's suggestion.

Russia made all of its payments on its foreign debts in October, Deputy Finance Minister Mikhail Kasyanov said. For the first time in three years, there were no delays or postponements. The story points to the Central Bank's role in this achievement.

The ORT television network has temporarily suspended its regular program, "Chas Pik," which is hosted by Andrei Razbash, the producer of "VID." In its place, ORT televised a government special initiated by the Primakov Cabinet. The story comments on the change.

On Tuesday, the Constitutional Court lifted a ban on the privatization of rooms in communal apartments. The story offers details on the ruling.

What factors have caused Chechen field-commanders to stop calling for the Chechen president Aslan Maskhadov's resignation? The story asks if perhaps Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov's recent meeting with the Chechen president might yield some clues.

The St. Petersburg Administration has found an unusual way of adding revenue to the local budget: from now on the journalists will have to pay for their accreditation.

The newly-elected Nizhny Novgorod mayor, Yuri Lebedev, has officially apologized to the director-general of the British Spring Investment firm for the delay in the construction of a new hotel. The story explains why the project was delayed.

Ilya Lyakhov, a political observer for the newspaper Kuzbass in Kemerovo, was beaten in his apartment by three masked bandits who demanded money and jewelry.

The current economic crisis may help the Russian fleet begin a new life. The Transport Ministry is working on drafts of the law and charter of the Russian International Marine Register. The documents are expected to be submitted to the government and the State Duma before the end of the year. The story analyses the state of the merchant marine, focusing on the idea of creating a second register for ships now under construction.


Tomorrow, the State Duma will consider drafting a law regarding the state of the presidential health in connectionwith his ability to carry out presidential duties. This is in view of President Yeltsin's recent health problems. The article asks if the president's ability to fulfill his duties is not a question for doctors, then who is it for?

Two days after a statue of Nicholas II in Podolsk was blown up, a young man has claimed responsibility, along with his organization, at the Kommersant editorial office. He said the Revolutionary Partisan Group did this as protest against the imprisonment of revolutionaries at the Lefortovo Prison.

Kalmykia's parliament yesterday unanimously approved the candidacy of Viktor Baturin, an author of the famous construction project of the City Chess and Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov's brother-in-law, to the post of the republic's prime minister. What is expected of him is an economic miracle.

The television network NTV will show a documentary film, entitled "The Heart of the President," tomorrow at 7:40 p.m. It contains reminiscences of the doctors, family members and close entourage of President Yeltsin of his heart surgery in 1996.

A public ultimatum by rebel Colonel Akaky Eliava was made yesterday, demanding Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze's resignation by November 15. The colonel attempted to organize a putsch in Tblisi earlier this fall.

Former Interior Minister Anatoly Kulikov has stated his willingness to become a State Duma deputy. What other jobs has he been offered lately?

The story describes a new Russian version of Microsoft'sWindows.

Aeroflot, in the coming days of November, will fly to Germany on Boeing 737-400 and A310-300 Airbuses. Earlier, the German Traffic Ministry had banned these flights.

Iridium, the first global system of personal satellite communications, became operational on Sunday internationally, except in Russia. Why is it being delayed here?

The story highlights the program titled " Soyuzny Televizor," which aims at reviving the production of television equipment at Russian and Belarussian enterprises.


What is awaiting Russians if the government endorses a new tax system elaborated by the State Tax Service head Georgy Boos? The story reveals the new tax scheme.

The Moscow Adventure Club, headed by Matvei Shparo, plans an expedition of disabled skiers across Greenland. He is seeking sponsors to fund the venture.

What have five domestic economic research centers with "illustrious" academics" done over the last five years to boost the national economy? The story highlights their hopeless efforts to "invent" ever new economic and financial programs to justify the enormous budget spent on them.


The Moscow government intends to give all Muscovites special identification cards which can also be used in shops for payment. Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has given his approval to the project. The story reveals its advantages.

Famous singer Iosif Kobzon last week underwent a successful operation to remove a tumor on his stomach at the Vishnevsky Medical Center.

At a recent meeting between State Duma faction heads and Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, Central Bank head Viktor Gerashchenko stated that they have failed to come to agreement both with foreign and domestic creditors . Gerashchenko has not ruled out a new default on debts. The story comments on his statement.

The Moscow Telephone Network Service has considerably increased its tariffs on several telephone services.

The Moscow government decided to increase the size of minimal pensions for elderly pensioners to 450 rubles, effective immediately.

Moscow police detained two teenagers Monday in the Southern Administrative District who managed to steal 36 iron doors in five apartment blocs to sell as scrap metal.

A 46 year-old colonel in a closed military town in the Irkutsk region will face a court trial soon. He is charged in several rape cases.

The economic and social situation in Russia has drastically worsened in the past several years. The story gives facts and statistical data to illustrate the point.