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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Hitlerite Rocker Runs for Duma

Generals, crooners and con men have over the years swelled the ranks of the 450-seat State Duma, but voters in Moscow will have a chance to up the ante this winter f when a Hitler-loving rock star with a penchant for dwarves and a plan to invade Poland will run from a local district for parliament's lower house.

Metal Corrosion's lead singer, Spider, said that he would campaign to represent Moscow's Lyubinsky district in the Duma in a Dec. 7 by-election. The seat in the national parliament became open earlier this year when Boris Fyodorov vacated it to take the post of head of the State Tax Service. Fyodorov was fired from the Tax Service this week, and his spokesman has said he will not contest the election for his old seat.

Metal Corrosion is one of Russia's most infamous bands, known for satanic lyrics, fervent nationalism and live shows that feature a mix of dwarves, naked young women and Hitler look-alikes.

Candidate Spider's economic program calls for grabbing market share for Russian goods abroad by invading Europe and China. His main social policy involves government incentives to spur women into having babies f by paying $50 to every young Russian woman who pledges never to have another abortion f so that the nation will have enough manpower for his war policy.

"We need a lot of children," said Spider. "After 10 or 15 or 20 years when the children have grown up we can defend ourselves from China."

The news of Spider's stated intention to run for the Duma apparently caught Fyodorov and his supporters by surprise.

"Spider from Korroziya Metal," said an incredulous Vadim Byrkin, press secretary at Fyodorov's company United Financial Service, when asked to comment Friday. After a moment's stunned silence, Byrkin added, "Wow."

Spider himself is no fan of former tax chief Fyodorov.

"He should be arrested. He's one with [President Boris] Yeltsin. He helped him steal the people's money," he said.

Spider has yet to register with the Central Election Commission. He has until Oct. 11 to do so, but first must gather thousands of signatures on a petition of support. So far there is only one official candidate for the seat, Alexander Akimov, the general director of Invest Zhir Proekt Service.

Political analysts said Spider was unlikely to win. "It's rare that you can expect success [in an election] from someone popular among only a small part of the youth [vote]," said Nikolai Petrov, an expert on regional politics with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

As part of his electoral campaign, Spider f whose given name is Sergei Troitsky f has also promised to play a concert in the Lyubinsky district.