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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Tape Shows Pilot-Tower Confusion

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Allahu akbar."

"God is great," pilot Rachmo Wiyogo screamed just before his Garuda Airbus A300B-4 crashed Friday, killing all 234 people aboard.

The Associated Press obtained a copy Monday of a transcript of the pilot's last conversation -- details of which were broadcast by local televisions stations.

The transcript clearly shows the pilot and the air traffic controller confused "left" and "right" as the plane approached Medan's Polonia Airport through thick smoke haze caused by hundreds of forest fires on the island of Sumatra.

The last minute and a half of the conversation showed repeated misunderstanding about which direction the pilot was turning the jetliner and what the air traffic controller was telling him.

The conversation was in English, but the pilot's last scream was in Arabic, the language of the Islamic religion, which is followed by 90 percent of Indonesia's 200 million people.

With the air traffic controller identified as "APP," and the pilot as "GIA 152," the transcript showed the following exchange:

APP: GIA 152 turn right heading 046 report established localizer.

GIA 152: Turn right heading 040 GIA 152 check established.

APP: Turning right sir.

GIA 152: Roger 152.

APP: 152 Confirm you're making turning left now?

GIA 152: We are turning right now.

APP: 152 O.K. you continue turning left now.

GIA 152: A [pause] confirm turning left? We are starting turning right now.

APP: O.K. [pause] O.K..

APP: GIA 152 continue turn right heading 015.

GIA 152: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Allahu akbar!