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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Restaurant Bites



I would not feel worthy to make this plea had I not spent a good portion of my salary over most of the last two years on Sunday breakfasts at one Diner or the other. But since I have, here goes on behalf of breakfast-lovers the city over.

1. Take a good hard look at your hash browns. One would think that it would be pretty hard to screw up something as basic as fried potatoes, but you manage to do it pretty regularly. They are inevitably too soggy, or too dry, and they never have the crispy crust that is absolutely essential to the dish.

2. Rethink your coffee. It's bad enough when it's the bottomless carafe deal in the mornings, but the dollars 3.50 you have to pay for a single cup of watery dreck the rest of the day is an outrage against humanity nearly on a par with the FSB's treatment of Alexander Nikitin.

Of course, you know that we'll still be there no matter what you do. There are simply no other real options in town (though I have heard that Chesterfield's has gotten much better). This is an appeal to you to make a change for the better, simply because you know it's right.