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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Uranium to Be Moved

MOSCOW -- After lengthy negotiations, Russia intends to remove a cache of highly enriched uranium and spent nuclear fuel from Georgia that are leftovers from the Soviet era.

Russian Nuclear Energy Minister Viktor Mikhailov said Monday the talks between the two governments were "at the bureaucratic stage,'' but said he expected the nuclear transfer to take place in February or March.

The Georgian nuclear material, consisting of 4.3 kilograms of highly enriched uranium-235 and about 1 kilogram of spent nuclear fuel, is presently stored at the country's Physics Institute, near the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. broadest trade and for the creation of a real legal basis so that all business people could work comfortably in Russia."

The United States erred in choosing former Communists as their political allies in Russia, maintained Zhirinovsky, stressing that, unlike today's ruling elite, he had never been a member of the party.

But the nationalist demagogue also insisted that the United States was purposely blocking Russia's chance of political and economic progress by supporting liberal politicians.

"They don't like me in your country because they feel that I am one of those people who could make Russia more powerful which would again rival the United States," he said. "And they don't like me in my country because I have from birth adhered to an ideology which they can never understand, to an economy that they can never implement."

The LDPR leader also claimed that U.S businessman Paul Tatum, who was killed Nov. 3, had appealed to him for assistance in his financial disputes.

"I did not expect such a tragic outcome; otherwise we would have tried to give him at least some assistance," he said. "

While his spectators listened attentively and politely applauded, few were convinced by his speech.

"He was very toned down from what many of us expected to hear," said Albin Gielicz, corporate sales manager of Principal Life Insurance. "But I think this was for our benefit."

"I'm not sure how much better off we'd be if we took his advice," he added. "He's not really relevant at all other than for the sake of curiosity."