. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Hurricane Plows Over Eastern U.S.

BOSTON -- Hurricane Edouard plowed slowly north, decreasing in intensity as it moved over cooler water, but not before delivering high winds and pouring rain and washing out holiday parades and picnics.

The popular vacation areas of Cape Cod and the island of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket appeared to be taking the brunt of the storm, with the most power outages and coastal road flooding.

Tides ran about 30 centimeters above normal in most areas, and about 60 centimeters above normal on Nantucket. Two-thirds of the island was without power Monday morning.

The storm was expected to peak sometime Monday morning off the Massachusetts coast, depending on its speed. It plowed northward at about 22 kilometers per hour and reduced in intensity over cooler water. Forecasters predicted as much as 15 centimeters of rain.

Police evacuated some people from low-lying areas early Monday, which was Labor Day, a traditional day of celebrations.

As the storm lurked just off the Northeast coast with wobbling and weakening winds of 128 kilometers per hour, forecasters were unsure whether its center would make landfall. But they said it was still possible Edouard could come very close to, or over, southeastern New England.

Eastern Cape Cod and Nantucket were reporting 80 kilometer per hour wind gusts. Heavy rainfalls also filled some waterfront streets with 45 centimeters of water.

By early Monday, the storm's top winds had weakened to 128 kilometers per hour, down from as high as 224 kilometers per hour late last week, and forecasters said more weakening was expected as Edouard moves over cooler water.

But Jim Lee of the National Weather Service said the storm could still do some serious damage.

"We're expecting hurricane-force gusts," he said. Hurricane-strength gusts begin at 118 kilometers per hour.

Massachusetts Governor William Weld declared a state of emergency, police in some coastal communities asked residents to evacuate voluntarily, and the Red Cross opened shelters throughout the region.