. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Hip City Street Goes Up for Sale

LONDON -- Carnaby Street was the heart of swinging London, where the hip and trendy of the 1960s went for their Mary Quant miniskirts and psychedelic shirts.

Now, part of the street is up for sale to anyone who wants to buy a piece of the British capital's modern history. Dutch property group Wereldhave said Monday it was selling the 1.2-hectare site of shops and offices it acquired in 1988.

The company expects to raise around ?70 million ($105 million) from the sale of part of the street where designers Quant and John Stephens -- creator of hipster trousers -- set up shop in the early 1960s. Pop stars such as Cliff Richards once shopped here, and London's trendies cruised by in their brightly colored Mini cars as the music of The Beatles and The Kinks filled the air. In the 1970s, it became a favorite haunt of punks, but by the 1980s those punks had begun appearing on gift-shop postcards.

The Carnaby Street of the 1990s is little more than a tawdry extension of Oxford Street, selling a plethora of souvenirs and cheap T-shirts.