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Lebed Calls Off Assault, Secures Truce

GROZNY -- National security chief Alexander Lebed made good on a promise to stop the storming of the Chechen capital Thursday, forcing Russian troops to hold their attack and signing a new cease-fire with the rebel leaders. According to a report by Itar-Tass, Lebed also struck a cease-fire deal Thursday evening with rebel chief of staff Aslan Maskhadov after eight hours of talks. The truce, which will apply to the whole region, is scheduled to take effect at noon Friday. ""According to the document, all military actions will stop on Chechen territory from midday Aug. 23. All special operations or terrorist acts are banned,"" Interfax reported. During a day of frantic talks in the war-torn region, Lebed told a press conference he had canceled an ultimatum issued Monday under which Russian troops threatened to retake the capital by storm starting Thursday morning. ""There will be no more ultimatums,"" Lebed said. ""The delivering of the ultimatum was a bad joke.

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