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Fyodorov, Svyatoslav Nikolayevich

NAME: Fyodorov, Svyatoslav Nikolayevich

BORN: Aug. 8, 1927 in Proskurov, now Khmelnitsky, UkraineEDUCATION:

1946-52: Medical Institute, Rostov-on-Don

1958: Master's Degree

1967: Doctorate


1952-53: ophthalmologist/doctor at the Veshenskaya hospital in the Rostov region.

1953-67: worked in eye surgery in hospitals in Arkhangelsk, Cheboksara, Rostov-on-Don and Lysev in the Sverdlov region.

1967-86: director of the Experimental Laboratory for Artificial Crystal Implants at the Third Moscow Medical Institute.

1986-present: head of same institute, renamed the Moscow Scientific-Technical Eye Surgery Complex but awarded financial independence from Soviet control.

1990-93: left Communist Party and allied with various democratic factions.

1994-present: head of the Workers' Self-Government party.

1995-present: party fails to enter Duma in December 1995 elections but he is elected the Cheboksara region's deputy.


Discovered treatment of shortsightedness using crystalline implants in 1960; Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Many accolades, including Hero of Socialist Labor with the Order Of Lenin and a Gold "Hammer and Sickle" Medal; Author of more than 180 publications.

LANGUAGES: Russian, English

INTERESTS: Horseback riding, hunting, skiing, swimming, athletics.

N.B.: Soviet premier Nikolai Rizhkov made Fyodorov's unit the first private Soviet company with the right to have a hard-currency bank account.