. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Booking Frenzy Irks Vogts

MACCLESFIELD, England -- Germany coach Berti Vogts said he was annoyed by the flood of yellow cards referees were handing out at Euro 96 but his team would not go soft because of it.

"If we were to go into games thinking about being careful, we would not get past the first round," said Vogts, whose team was fined Tuesday by UEFA for collecting six yellow cards during its opening 2-0 victory over the Czech Republic.

"Take just 10 percent out of your game and you haven't got a chance. There has been an annoying flood of bookings. We were not informed of any new rulings," he said.

The Germans are not an over-aggressive side but they do adopt zealous pressing tactics.

Although the German manager said coaches had a duty to work on tackling and one-on-one situations, he said a major championship was not the time to get players to change.

"Aggressive tactics have nothing to do with brutal play," he added.

The first four games of Euro 96 saw 30 yellow and two red cards, compared to just 15 yellow and two red cards in the same number of opening matches at the 1994 World Cup finals.