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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Alleged Serial Rapist Arrested

Moscow police announced Monday they had apprehended a man who subsequently confessed to 17 rapes, many of which were originally attributed to another suspected serial rapist captured last October.

Vladimir Geyev, 27, was arrested May 29 on Butyrskaya Ulitsa in central Moscow less than an hour after he had raped a 13-year old girl at gunpoint in an attic in northern Moscow, a spokesman for the Moscow police said.

"The Savyolyevskaya precinct police responded to a call from the girl's mother, and then picked up Geyev from a description," said Vladimir Mazulin. "The gun he was carrying turned out to be stolen, and he quickly confessed under interrogation."

Mazulin added that material evidence linking Geyev to the crimes had been uncovered in a search of his home. He did not elaborate on what that evidence might be.

Mazulin said Geyev's modus operandi exactly matched that of a man suspected of more than 100 rapes who was captured Oct. 31. That man, who has not yet gone to trial and whose name has not been released, travelled to each of Moscow's 33 regions, varying his choice of territory with each attack, and preyed on women in elevators.

Geyev, Mazulin said, also moved around, committing his crimes in 10 different regions, mostly in the northern part of the city. He also attacked women in elevators in 13 cases, while choosing attics or roofs in four instances. Both men are in their late 20s.

The suspect captured in October confessed to 80 rapes, but police suspected him in over 100. Now, Mazulin said, it appeared that some of those remaining cases could be attributed to Geyev.

"There might have been some overlap," he said.

Mazulin said the crimes to which Geyev confessed occurred mainly in late 1995 and 1996. He has no criminal history, but, Mazulin said, "we cannot rule out that he committed other crimes earlier."

Geyev has been charged with 17 cases of rape. Due to a backlog of cases, he will probably not go to trial until next year.

In St. Petersburg, a serial rapist and killer convicted of several attacks on young boys in has been given the death sentence, Interfax reported Saturday. Igor Irtyshov, who pleaded innocent, was found guilty Friday in a trial held behind closed doors to protect him from likely vengeance by the victims' families, Judge Sergei Golets of St. Petersburg's city court said.

One of his brutal attacks received international attention when the 8-year-old he mutilated, Konstantin Kouzmine, was flown abroad for treatment at the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.

The boy had his intestines ripped out in the attack in an elevator in 1994. He has had more than 20 operations in the United States and remains on a life-support system awaiting an intestine transplant, according to Interfax.