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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

What the 13 Fear

From an interview with Communist Duma deputy and businessman Vladimir Semago. Casino owner and member of the CPSU since 1977, he was founder of the Moscow Commercial Club and has worked on the development team for Gennady Zyuganov's presidential campaign:

"Those 13 [businessmen] who signed the appeal [for cooperation between the presidential candidates] definitely have something to fear [with the prospect of a Zyuganov victory]. From the start of their activities, several of them made use of state funds. They are among those industries who took advantage of the state privatization process. But for the majority of businesses, the change in power will be beneficial -- after all, existing conditions don't offer anything for small and middle-sized businesses. ...

"To suggest that the campaign battle between Zyuganov and Yeltsin is the main reason for capital flight would be to buy into a propaganda canard. While seeking to retrieve that capital, the state is not creating conditions for its effective management within Russia. I have never liked the offers like, 'We'll forgive everything, just return the money.' ...

"I think the People's Patriotic Bloc must introduce tight control over capital transfers going out of the country. Only those who have stolen need to worry. There is no question that there will be confiscation, because 60 percent of that money has been taken out illegally through price-dumping schemes on oil, gas, metals, minerals and arms."