. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Stasi's Seoul Invasion

ARLINGTON, Virginia () -- A British journalist claims to have documents from the former East German secret police that show boxing matches in the 1988 Seoul Olympics were rigged by judges, USA Today reported Thursday.

While the documents do not specifically cite American star Roy Jones' controversial 3-2 loss to South Korea's Park Si-huh, author Andrew Jennings believes the evidence is clear.

"I think it's a safe assumption Jones' was one of the bribed fights," he said.

Jennings said former East German Karl-Heinz Wehr, secretary-general of the International Amateur Boxing Association, routinely reported to the East German secret police, known as Stasi.

Jennings wrote that records of one such debriefing note South Korean "organizers" paid boxing officials to ensure Korean fighters won. According to the book, judges were paid $300 to $500 bribes to fix matches.