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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Cosmonauts Go Commercial for Pepsi

NEW YORK -- Russian cosmonauts are filming a commercial for Pepsi using a 1.3-meter aluminum and nylon model of a Pepsi can.

But in order to get the can and two spares to the space station, and store them in the cramped quarters, the models had to be collapsible, much like a backpacker's tent. Assembly instructions were sent to the Russians on video.

Filming of the commercial was set to begin Monday night during a space walk to repair a solar panel. If all goes as planned, the oversize Pepsi can will be tethered outside the space station for 20 minutes and a banner attached to the side of the craft will read: "Even in space ... Pepsi is changing the script."

Also on board the space station, according to footage filmed over the weekend, were two empty Pepsi cans, several Pepsi placards, a T-shirt, baseball cap, and even the business cards of several Pepsi executives. Commander Yury Onufrienko stamped them all with the logo that signifies they flew in space.

There is no actual Pepsi beverage on Mir. To quench a cola craving astronauts need to be on the space shuttle Endeavour, which is carrying 50 118-cubic-centimeter servings of Coca-Cola products in a soda dispenser as part of a study of liquid and gas systems.

Coca-Cola Co. spent $1.5 million developing the dispensers, which the company hopes to fly one day on the planned international space station.