. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Top Dogs Get Raises

YEREVAN, Armenia -- The salary of the Armenian president will take a twentyfold leap -- all the way to $200 per month -- following the passage Tuesday of a law on the salaries of state leaders, Interfax reported.

Prior to the new law passed by the National Assembly setting governmental salaries, the Armenian president earned about $12 per month.

The republic's average wage is 6,000 drams per month, or $7.50.

The minimum wage in the republic is set at 720 drams, or a little less than $2.

The new law, passed by the Armenian National Assembly, sets the monthly salary of the prime minister, the chairman of parliament, and the chairman of the Constitutional Court at 60,000 drams ($150).

The salary of the deputy speaker of parliament will be 46,00 drams ($115), while government ministers, the other judges of the Constitutional Court, the chairman of the Supreme Court and the prosecutor general will each pull down 40,000 drams, or $100 per month.