. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

New Look For Old Jet

ZHUKOVSKY, Moscow Region -- Russia's Tupolev company has unveiled a prototype update of its Tu-144 "Concordsky" airliner, which it hopes U.S. money will turn into the 21st century's supersonic passenger aircraft.

The Tu-144LL, rolled out Sunday at the Zhukovsky air base near Moscow, retains the drop-nosed, delta-wing look of the 28-year-old Soviet rival to the Franco-British Concorde. But it is fitted with more powerful engines developed for Tupolev's Tu-160 strategic nuclear bomber.

The prototype is effectively a flying laboratory for joint research between Tupolev and U.S. aviation companies participating in a program run by NASA, the U.S. space agency.

The U.S. partners, who initially are putting $10 million into the project, include Boeing Co., McDonnell Douglas, Rockwell, United Technologies' Pratt & Whitney unit and General Electric.