. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Military Court Accuses Grachev

A Russian military court has accused Defense Minister Pavel Grachev of refusing to obey its decisions, a news report said.

The court, attached to the Russian military contingent in the breakaway Transdnestr region of Moldova, accused Grachev of "purposefully deviating from the implementation of the court's decision," Interfax said Monday.

The bizarre case stems from a long feud between Grachev and former general Alexander Lebed, once commander of Russian peacekeepers in the area.

Lebed, now a presidential hopeful, resigned last May after a conflict with Grachev. Shortly afterward, Grachev dismissed Lebed's right-hand man, Mikhail Bergman, and several other servicemen.

The Russian military court in Tiraspol, however, has ruled that they all should be reinstated and regards Grachev's lack of action as purposeful evasion from implementing the ruling.


In its letter Monday, the court noted that Grachev's representative at the hearings could not have failed to notify him of the decision, Interfax said. Therefore, the court decided to regard

The court sent a note Monday to the chief military prosecutor's office in Moscow announcing the case, Interfax reported.

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