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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A Recipe for Success With Overeating Cars

A lot of people find that their car starts to consume too much fuel after a year or more of driving in Russia. This can happen with both Russian and foreign-made cars and with both carburetor and fuel injection models.

It means that you have to go to the car repair shop for a check-up and to have the injection system cleaned. But once you start making changes to your car's injection system you'll find you need to repeat them every half a year: Workers in Russian car repair shops are not great specialists in this area and may damage your engine.

I prefer to find out myself what the real trouble is with the car: Sometimes it turns out that the problem is very simple and you can save yourself a lot of money and time.

Strangely enough, one cause can be linked to the tires. If your car has tires of a size different to that recommended in the manual, the kilometer counter will not work properly: In general, the counter calculates the total number of rotations made by your wheels, and, of course, wheels with smaller diameters need more rotations to cover the same distance than wheels with larger diameters. So you will appear to be getting less kilometers per litre.

If everything is all right with the tires and you have a car with fuel injection you should check the cooling system. Why?

When you start the car a special electronic device checks the temperature of your engine and automatically makes the fuel "richer" if the engine is cold. "Rich" means that more gasoline and less air is sent to the engine; Once the engine has warmed up, it needs less gas and more air.

The temperature of the engine is regulated by a simple thermostat, but the quality of Russian antifreeze and the cold weather may affect the efficiency of the thermostat, leaving you with a permanently cold engine. This would mean that the electronic temperature controller is always enriching the fuel. Changing a thermostat is a very simple and inexpensive operation.

However, you may find that even after you change the thermostat, you are still consuming too much fuel. This could be because the damaged thermostat has, in turn, damaged the temperature controller and the electronic injection controller is still receiving the incorrect signal that the engine is cold. This would leave your car driving on rich fuel full timeagain. Once again, you can easily replace this device yourself, without taking risks by entrusting your car to the mechanics in Russian car repair shops.