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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Perceived Press Bias Draws Wrath of Buchanan Voters

WASHINGTON -- The caller's name was Joyce, and she was happy that Patrick Buchanan had won the New Hampshire primary. But her voice was tinged with resentment.

"We're honest people," she told New York's WOR radio. "We pay our taxes. And for the elite media to continually tell me and my husband that we're right-wing extremists, when we used to be considered the normal Americans 20 years ago. ... They try to belittle us, shame us, and they do it proudly. They're treating us like we're children, poor little peasants with no brains."

The anger people such as Joyce feel toward the mainstream media is raw and real. It came surging to the surface after Buchanan's victory, as many of his supporters decried what they see as an effort by the establishment press to demonize him as a bigoted extremist. Criticism of Buchanan had intensified going into Tuesday's primaries in Arizona, South Dakota and North Dakota.

"Most of my callers feel betrayed," said Jay Severin, a nationally syndicated radio host who fielded Joyce's call. "They feel with the certainty that the sun will rise tomorrow that there is a demonstrable liberal bias in the gathering and presentation of the news."

To Buchanan enthusiasts, the harsh headlines -- such as "Preaching Fear" in Newsweek and "Evil" in the New Republic -- smack of an effort by Washington insiders to derail a conservative candidate who has confounded them by winning popular support.

Most journalists, while acknowledging flaws in their profession, reject the notion that news coverage is driven by ideology. But there is growing disagreement on that score within journalism. At CBS, correspondent Bernard Goldberg recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the charge of liberal bias in television news "is so blatantly true that it's hardly worth discussing anymore."

?A national co-chairman of Buchanan's Republican presidential campaign attended a controversial banquet Jan. 21 honoring a man who killed an abortion doctor in 1994 as well as other anti-abortion extremists jailed for acts of violence against women's clinics, The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

However, co-chairman Michael Farris said he left the dinner, held in Arlington, Virginia, early after realizing the message of the evening was to endorse the use of violence to end abortion.

The event attended by Buchanan campaign co-chairman Michael Farris was the to honor anti-abortion activists who had gone to jail for acts of violence in the anti-abortion crusade. One of those given special tribute was Paul Hill, sentenced to death for the 1994 shotgun killing of a physician and his escort in Pensacola, Florida.

Buchanan backers are so mad at the media that some are even mad at Rush Limbaugh, dismissing him as part of the Republican establishment after he said that Buchanan is not a real conservative.